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  1. Not sure. Haven’t priced out parts yet. Initial batch will be at cost… if I make more, I’ll probably add $20
  2. After booted. Try unplugging an cable from Xbox and plug it back in?
  3. I believe it has something to do with the way Xbox live works with encrypting communications… and 0’s break that process
  4. Important for original poster…. Don’t make your key all 0’s. You mentioned the whole point is insignia…. A null key (all 0’s) is not compatible with insignia … use all 1’s
  5. thank you! might want to post pictures all around the Xbox... and focus on showing the cracks so someone knows exactly what they are getting! nice collection though
  6. The limited details says custom chips
  7. I have no clue. Never overclocked.
  8. With eBay fees… I’m not surprised. And all retro items are up big time after Covid
  9. https://bitbuilt.net/forums/index.php?threads/xbox-dvd-remote-scan.5917/
  10. Or flux pops and sends a small amount of solder flying
  11. Mixing is ok. But Samsung is preferred. A lot of “Samsung” available now is just remarked Hynix
  12. not Xbox related… but have been working on bright LEDs myself (hence why I’ve been so quite). These strips look like neon lights and may be an idea for you (to incorporate them). They look amazing!!!
  13. Dtomcat18

    xeniun OS

    Sorry. Not sure how to change font color
  14. Dtomcat18

    xeniun OS

    As of 2.3.4 he removed skin support (due to black screen issues if not found). I thought I read that LED support was included in that… I could be wrong as I could not find it again (only a quick search) from GitHub: Disables 'skin' support to prevent black screen on boot if drives fail to initialize
  15. I believe editing past a certain time frame is a benefit of paid membership… which is why @Bowlsnappersees it as an option. EDIT: confirmed… was never an option for me… but now have paid membership, and went and changed title of a previous post from months ago

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