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  1. Screen Resolution

    I figured it out. It was in the settings. Thanks
  2. Screen Resolution

    It worked. I do have one issue. My surreal 64 menu shows up in a small corner or my tv but games play full screen. How do I get the menu to be full screen?
  3. Screen Resolution

    At work will try tomorrow
  4. Screen Resolution

    Thanks for the info
  5. Screen Resolution

    Will monster componet cables work?
  6. Screen Resolution

    I'll keep this short and simple. My stepdaughter has a Modded Xbox that I did not mod. The picture is nice and clear and the ones I am modding don't look half as good. We are both running unleash X and using the same cables. What could be the cause of hers looking so much cleaner than mine
  7. sup guys

    here from the fb page. name is gabe. I'm here to annoy the experts with my questions. on a positive note I will do research before I ask anything. happy modding everyone.

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