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HD+ on 1.6


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Hey all, 

I'm not new to the modding scene but querying the HD Plus install on a 1.6.

I see that the flex cable is soldered to the resistor array network which is pre Xcalibur. 

Question is, are these resistors actually used in a HDplus install or can they be removed and flex soldered direct to board? 

There are 4 array resistors on the HDplus itself so it appears they are utilised rather than the one on the board. 

Reason I ask is that in one array on my board, one of the fours pins isn't having continuity whilst the rest have continuity at 33ohms.

The bottom pad of the board linking to the pins can be soldered to the flex but I'm not sure if I need to run a 33ohm jumper resistor. 

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