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    • By Evtech2.0
      Selling my x3cp unfortunately both are in great condition I’m USA based shoot me offers 
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    • By malarrya
      Hello everyone.
      I was hoping OGXbox could start a repository/collection of HEX Edited XBEs. I rip most of my games from disc using DVD2XBOX which helps in patching the 480p but there are many other XBEs available with various different functionality such as:
      720p Widescreen Running from Hard Drive 128MB RAM Xbox Upgraded Processor (1.0 or 1.4 GHz)  Would it be possible to post/discuss the available XBEs on this thread or, better yet, collect/link as many as possible and create a MEGA/Google Drive link to them? There are already quite a few XBEs available on other boards such as XBMC4XBOX, assemblergames.com, and I know many folks have already edited these files. It would be greatly appreciated if these XBEs were easily accessible rather than redoing what so many others have already done successfully (unless there is some sort of legal issue  ).
      If there are no issues from the admins, I can also share what DVD2XBOX may have already patched.
      Let me know your thoughts!
    • By Jeroen17
      Looking for a original X3 Protect button for my X3CP
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