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Hi, I Need Help Please

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yes, you need to softmod before the xbox will recognize HEXEN. Then you can flash away. just make sure of the version of xbox you have. Rocky5 has a great softmod method from what I am hearing, you will have to look here for it. maybe someone could point you to it, I have to go to work.

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Rocky5's Please login or register to see this link. Build v1.1.4

Rocky5's Video Tutorial (shows an older version of the Tool; however, the steps to install are the same as when this video was made a couple years ago.)



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    • By nike00
      Hello everybody 
      I have tried downloading the XVgm skin uploaded by CB-Games from a torrent 38.1GB and it either doesn't start or keeps stuck all day so i tried to download from google drive and there seems to be folder missing the letter N also the size seems too small for all titles .
      Hoping i can get link for all files needed to complete this awesome skin and thanks for all who had the time to read this message and respond.
    • By shadowfire36
      i have an original xenium chip 2nd gen (the beige one you can add an lcd ) i havent touched my xbox in years and i added a it with a solder less adapter .
      when i boot my xbox it blinks 3 times and shuts off , i moved it to my second xbox and it just stays on red ,never turning green . I flipped the switch but i dont remember what it does, but that didnt help either .i hard solder the pins and solder a wire to the d0 on the chip and then tried to plug into the hold but doesnt seem to fit . does anyone have a guide or have any insight what my be wrong ,its been at least 10 years i have actually tired to boot my xbox and im trying to fix it ..i was thinking may i need to re-flash the chip but i dont remember how i even did it the 1st time ..
      any trouble shooting guide one be muched apperciated 
    • By Roxas
      I recently got two broken Xboxes and was able to build a working console from both.
      The Xbox has a softmod and I'm thinking about flashing the bios. How do I do that best?
      It is a XBOX version 1.4 (Winbond) and I would like to transfer everything via FTP, because I don't have a DVD burner. 
      I have read something about HeXEn and Tsop but I am now rather confused.
      Can I also bottle the Bios over FTP, if so how? 
      Do I have to remove the softmod and is it still possible via FTP after flashing?
      Thanks in advance. 

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