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Welcome!  It's a bit scary.  I felt the same way.  Done a bunch of soft modding and I am at a hobbiest level of soldering ability but when you do the tsop soldering correctly and fire up hexen to flash and it works... you feel like to can do anything.  Huge confidence building.  My advice is don't rush, read up and watch all the you tube vids FIRST, then get to work and GO SLOW.  Especially when flashing it's super easy to click through one of the menus and miss a step or flash the wrong size bios because you were rushing or over-confident.  While you have the board out, it's a good time to clean it up and do the clock capacitor removal and/or the fan upgrade.  (depending on which version of board you have). If you have any questions feel free to ask on here and someone will steer you in the right direction for sure.

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    • By Logh3f82
      Like the title says i am new just joined and i wanna say hello to everyone.
      I learned about this forum from a youtuber and decided to  make an account cause 
      in hopes that this forum is pretty active as i haven't found many active places for the original xbox.
      If anybody has any questions about me being new i am willing to answer
      sofor a new member i hope to be welcomed by you all.
    • By willis
      Hello all,

      I just wanted to say a quick hello to all who decide to see this! Modding my Xbox and looking around for information brought me here. This place seems like a good place to settle in and talk. I've had an original Xbox ever since they launched, but never thought to mod it up until a few weeks ago. I think modding out my Dreamcast made me want to explore other consoles as well. This seemed like a great fit and fun route to take.

      .....also questions, I have so many questions ha! I'll bring that to the designated forum spots.

      Thanks, and looking forward to all this.
    • By jasamsel53
      Hello, I have recently purchased my own OGxbox after years of playing on my brothers. I softmodded it already and I am thinking about doing more. I joined this forum because its great to have a place like this where people can come and get there questions answered.

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