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Games disappeared but still occupying space


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Hi, I have installed a 2TB hdd and using cerbios 2.0.3R. I installed and partitioned the drive directly from the xbox using xbpartitioner 1.3 and made two extended partitions of about ~927GB. After copying a game today using unleashX ftp, all my old games disappeared but they still occupy space. I notice that the occupied space on the partition right now it's of exactly 130GB, don't know if this is related to the problem. What I've done wrong? Could I get them back or do I need to redownload all of them? Thanks

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Although you used XBPPartitioner v1.3 to format the extended partitions did you actually check afterwards (or since the problem occurred) that there is no ER (ERror) against either?

If its not that then I'm guessing a CerBIOS issue but I'll leave others far more qualified to trouble shoot this than I am.

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1 hour ago, Bowlsnapper said:

That would wipe out his collection that he's trying to recover... that would be bad. Lol

Can you take the drive out and access on a PC with FATXplorer? @Lisko

Maybe for some reason file attributes got wrong. You may try to mount partition with game on with fatxplorer, and try to enable show hidden files on windows.

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1 hour ago, Lisko said:

hi, in the end I redone everything from scratch using fatxplorer and single F partition with 128k cluster size. Now with more games than before it's flawless. Sorry I didn't try to open the drive in fatxplorer before wiping, could have been interesting

Aw,man. LoL. You're up and running though. Good.

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I don't like it when something is resolved but we don't actually understand why the problem was occurring in the first place.

As for XBMC's file manager being dodgy for copying/transferring files that's just wrong. There are problems with the GUI and the bizarre decision to remove progress bars and transfer info from copying tasks (supposedly to speed copying up) with the XBMC v3 series. That means with some skins there is no visual indication anything is happening even though the copying is proceeding normally. You only get intermittent info, flashing on screen when a new file/folder starts transferring. IMHO it was an unhelpful and unnecessary backwards step in XBMC4Xbox's evolution. 

I often use a pre-v3 XBMC version where, with the same skin, it has a progress bar and transfer info window on permanent display whilst doing such tasks.

However having praised XBMC otherwise and acknowledging UnleashX's file manager own quirks I too prefer using UnleashX's for almost everything.    

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