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1.6 480p unsupported games?


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there are some games that give problems, but on the right dashboard they can be patched. @Rocky5 has a script that can fix as far as I know most games. I also noticed that on some dashboards these games run fine, I can recollect that in EvoX games like JSFR ran fine on 480p, while they were giving issues in Unleash and XBMC4gamers. Here is some more info on the games with problems


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From the 480p Game Loader Script's Readme.txt file (boldened section for those games that won't play correctly in HD modes on a v1.6 Xbox):

Please patch your games via DVD2Xbox, either after installing one of the loaders or before hand.
( also make sure ACL patching is enabled in the settings of DVD2Xbox )

-- 480p Game Loader (CDX)
	-	Arctic Thunder
	-	Battle Engine Aquila
	-	Commandos 2
	-	Dark Summit
	-	Galleon
	-	Gun Metal
	-	Hunter The Reckoning: Redemption
	-	Jet Set Radio Future
	-	Metal Slug 3 ( must be patched - Hex search = 8B5728508B4730508B472C518B4F0452
                                               Replace with = 508B4730508B472C518B4F04906A0090 )
	-	Mission Impossible
	-	MLB Slugfest 20-03
	-	Night Caster
	-	Over the Hedge
	-	Quantum Redshift
	-	Serious Sam
	-	Tetris Worlds
	-	The Sims 2
	-	Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
	-	Voodoo Vince

-- 480p Game Loader (Evox)
	-	Fable

-- 480p Game Loader (PD1)
	-	Gun Valkyrie
	-	Panzer Dragoon Orta
	-	Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions

-- These games will not play on Xbox version 1.6 in HD mode --

-- Graphical Issues
	-	Hello Kitty - Screen is undersized in places.
	-	Jacked - Screen is undersized in places.
	-	Max Payne - Screen is oversized. ( works fine if screen size is set to normal )

-- Other Issues
	-	Dennou Taisen DroneZ - Won't unscramble in HD.
	-	Men of Valor - Restarts the game when selecting a mission.
	-	Pirates of the Caribbean - Won't unscramble.

-- Freezing on Load
	-	Curse: The Eye of Isis - Freezes on load.
	-	Headhunter - Redemption - Freezes on load.
	-	Outlaw Golf - 9 More Holes of X-Mas - Freezes on load.
	-	Secret Weapons Over Normandy - Freezes on load.
	-	Spartan: Total Warrior - Freezes on load.
	-	Tecmo Classic Arcade - Freezes on load.
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