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UnleashX Restarting When Trying To Add Icons To Xbox Games List

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I've got a little over 100 games that i've FTP'd to my xbox. I downloaded and resized covers to use for icons. I can add them manually to about half of them but once I get so far through the list, UnleashX will restart and then when I go back into the games list some of the ones I've added are gone. Is there a better way to do this? Am I doing something wrong? I'm just kinda puzzled that it's working perfectly for about the first 50 games and then I get this issue

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i'm not sure of the version of unleashx but i'm going to think it's the most recent version available since i used the most updated hexen disc to to the tsop flash etc etc etc.  each file i used was arount 20kb is size.


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On 11/26/2018 at 3:35 AM, jcstahl1 said:

is there a way to do it where it picks up the default.tbn like it does for coinops, ninja, etc?


From the Please login or register to see this attachment. file:

Auto search for games/application with thumbnail for display. Searches and
indexes your hard drive for Xbox titles. Uses icon embedded within the xbe
file or custom icon (Icon.png, Icon.jpg).

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Its a known bug in the unleashX Dash that basically isn't going to go away. Retail hardware (CPU, Ram, Hard Drive) has a certain caching amount, if the cashing overloads the Xbox reboots, its way less of an issue on 1.ghz/1.4ghz cpus with 128mb ram but it still happens.. I've noticed some options say the "Microsoft Dash" for example, adding an icon to that reboots the Xbox every time but still sets the icon. Others after setting a bunch of icons to other options it eventually restarts again. Also sometimes if you have a large variety of Xbox games in you list eventually the Xbox restarts just by scrolling through it.

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