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1.6 with Aladdin XT Plus2 fragging


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Hi there, 

I'm back doing another 1.6 mod with an Aladdin XT Plus2. 

It's a stock 1.6 xbox, so I thought a modchip would be pretty straightforward... Added the pin header and the tutorial I followed said cut the pins marked with an X (hopefully this makes sense) 







I've rebuilt the LPC and cut the L Frame trace, linked the BT to enable chip at all times, soldering went smoothly, no traces pulled etc. This is my third xbox mod install hi

When trying to turn it on, I get the 3 restarts and the green red flashing ring led 

Any help or checklists to work through would be hugely appreciated, I can add photos tomorrow 



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19 minutes ago, KaosEngineer said:

Why'd you not use the modchip's connector to plug it onto the pin header installed in the motherboard's LPC Debug port?

Pin 9 doesn't even have solder connected to the pad of the motherboard.  Reflow the solder on pins 9 through 12. 

I did try to use the connector but it wasn't working and I checked with my other 1.6 xbox that has the exact same mod chip that I installed (and its working) and it's hard soldered in, so I thought it was worth trying. 

Which pins? Which way is the pin header numbered? I used Flux and plenty of solder but happy to Re flow them 

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In the end I changed the guage wire I was using to rebuild the LPC port, and reworked all the solder joins like you suggested. 

Thank you kindly for your advice and help, I can happily say I now have three working hard modded xboxs, although the aladdin XT Plus2 chips I ordered from a New Zealand company contain the fake SST 002A chip, so I have ordered some real 020A chips to pop in and reflash them. 

Next to get Halo:NHE (sever) working, any advice? Does it run different on a 1.6 or 1.0 motherboard? 


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