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15 hours ago, Sr36 said:

executer 2.6 and if i recall the the green one was for alladin but it was a long time ago


The X2.6 programmer works with a PC that has a bi-directional parallel printer port and Xecuter2 BIOS Manager (X2BM v2.3).

Still looking for info about the other programmer.


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The green PCB programmer is an older (previous) model of the Team Xecuter programmer for X2.x lite/lite+ modchips.  It too can program those older chips using X2BM Update:  or, iXia or the DOS text-based app X2Cable.exe. It can also be used with many other LPC-based modchips.  More info soon in a follow-up post..

It too has a connector for USB power and plugs into the PC's bi-directional parallel printer port.  If you don't have a USB cable to attach a 9V battery can be used or (I think) an external 9VDC power supply. 

I've found a tiny bit of documentation on the older programmer but I'm still looking for a more complete and detailed write-up on how to use it. (9V battery and external power supply usage, etc.)

The white, newer, Xecuter 2.6 programmer also included 2 red wires terminated with different connectors that couple with the mating connector style on older X2 modchip's.  Thus, enabling the 2.6 programmer to be backward compatible with Team Xecuter's older modchips: 2.2, 2.3, etc.

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i did say they were old it was around 2004 to about 2006 i used them last hence the missing software and accompanying literature i am only great full for all the help  i have tried previously to find information and software but was unsuccessful i have an old dell desktop pc running windows xp or i to would not be able to get these to work 

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On 11/15/2018 at 11:51 AM, Forlorn Penguin said:

Yeah, here.

Found a zip archive for the Aladdin Programmer.  It includes the software application files and a PDF manual.

From the images in the manual,  looks like the app's for Windows XP (AladdinProgrammer.zip).


Update Found 4 additional archive files, there may be duplicates here, with various versions of the Aladdin Programmer software.





Also a couple pics. 

The V1 programmer needs the Aladdin Live's BT pad tied to GND (pin 25 on the programmer's parallel printer port connector) as shown below for the chip to be recognized.  The USB cable is only used for power.  The PC must have a bi-directional parallel printer port too.  The DB-25 connection on the programmer ties to a parallel printer port, not a serial port.



Aladdin Live Programmer ScreenshotsProgrammer.thumb.jpg.ac3e7cc69aae42e9cc924c1be283ada6.jpg

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