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Why does the HD AV pack usually cost so much?

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I recently bought a "working" stock v1.0 with a duke controller off Ebay, but turns out the seller's head is empty because they shipped it with zero padding and it now FRAGs, awesome. The thing is, it came with an HD AV pack which looks like it goes for a good bit more than what I paid. So, is this a win/resell or what? Not sure the console is too good for parts.

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I actually bought a modded x360 component cable from ebay to use on my xbox with the retrotink. The original stuff is too expensive, not to mention that we did nog get an HD scart alternative in Europe. Component was quite rare back in the day in Europe. 

Anyway, personally I would keep it. But I have a use for it with my upscaler. If you can’t use the cable and have no plans and aren’t a collector I would just sell it. Take the money and buy another xbox. I would first try to repair the current XBOX off course.

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On 11/10/2022 at 10:04 AM, RazorStoJ said:

Try somewhere outside of Ebay, I managed to pick-up a HD AV pack from a Japan auction  proxy site for $20 as Xbox wasn't big over there as they enjoyed the playstation. The hardware was generally cheaper and sold as junk.

They take good care of their possessions over there for the most part as well. 

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1 hour ago, Jailer said:

When you guys are talking HD AV pack are you talking about the component cables or something different?

The HD AV pack is like a dongle that plugs into your Xbox AV port that has component outputs on it. That's where component cables can be plugged into.
It's like a 2 piece setup.

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2 hours ago, Jailer said:

Ok it's different than what I have. I have an xbox branded component cord for my xbox that is quite heavy and has an optical digital output near the connector end and thought that's what this thread was talking about.

There are two different Microsoft component video adapters/cables for the original Xbox:

The HD AV pack that included a set of component video Red, Green, Blue RCA cables as well as a stereo analog audio Red and White RCA jack cable and the all-in-one component video cable you mention.


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