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Usb2ide Idea

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So i sort of have an idea that might or might not work. Since the size of USB drives are becoming bigger and bigger, wouldn't it be a good idea to use a USB drive as hard drive on Hardmodded/tsopped consoles?
If you use an IDE2USB converter and use a USB3 extension cord to have an external USB port, you could easily plug in a stick. ofcourse i have no clue how and if the xbox could handle this but if it can, you could read your usb3 drive on a pc and easily add emulators etc on the stick using something like fatxplorer and have multiple "hard drives" that are easily swapped.


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Your idea is a good one, but a new product would have to be developed to make it a reality, and given what would be needed, it would likely not be worth anybody’s time to do so.


Current USB to IDE products on the market work in one direction only. That is, the IDE/SATA device that is connected to the adapter is accessible from the PC connected via USB at the other end. These devices do some translation between the IDE/SATA protocol, known as the ATA command set, to the protocol used for USB storage.


In order for a USB drive to be used in an XBOX, you would need an adapter that does the opposite, and would likely need even more circuitry and chips to present a proper USB controller to the USB drive. You would almost certainly have to use this on a TSOP flashed, or chipped console as well, so that locking and unlocking of the drive is not a concern, since even if USB drives can be locked, they would likely use a protocol other than the ATA security commands to do so, and such a protocol may differ between USB drives, since I don’t think security locking is standard functionality for USB drives.


My understanding may be incomplete or incorrect, so anybody else is welcome to correct me.

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