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Homemade xbox component cable not outputting green and red


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I made some homemade og xbox component cables using og xbox av cables and xbox 360 component cables. At first the homemade cables didn't work as I had read the diagram backward. Eventually it worked with what I assumed was fine colors until I took some comparison photos. Once going into xbmc, I noticed that colors were missing, specifically green and red.

I've checked all the connections with a multimeter to make sure they go to the correct output. I also checked with a multimeter to make sure nothing was bridged. Everything appears "fine".


That's some photos showing a comparison photo of my pound hdmi vs my homemade component cables and the connector itself for the component cables.

Any advice on what could be happening would be appreciated.


edit: Everything is ntsc, incase that's relevant information

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Well I solved the issue. Turns out I did the bottom half backwards. I realized this when I tested just the white audio and nothing came out. Should've checked that sooner.

I got confused when flipping the connector around so red was in the wrong place. Interesting to see how I only got red colors when it was the one miss placed the entire time.

Thanks for letting me post this. I've learnt an important lesson, check the audio when doing this.

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