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Just Needed One More Post. Sorry

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Board startup date: April 23, 2017 12:45:48
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    • By Hector Hidalgo
      So thats the thing, I just got my first original Xbox!
      I live in Chile and in here having something like this is very niche hehehe. Nevermind, I opened it, cleaned it, changed the thermal paste, replace the IDE cable for a 40 cable and bought a new controller, because it came with the controllers smashed.
      There is no modchip on it, because when I opened it up, I saw absolutely nothing.
      It has a 360 looking dashboard called XBMC360, according to the hardware info, it is a v1.6 Xbox, it has an Xcalibur video decoder, CPU runs at 731.55mhz.
      Detected retail BIOS is: 5838.01
      Made in China, year 2005, week 25, line 5.
      XBMC pre-2.1 (compiled: May 27 2007)
      Mplayer XBMC-SVN-r8532 (May 25 2007)
      I am not asking to give a me tutorial on how to install another HDD (which I will as it has a 40GB Maxtor) I just one to know the basics you know? Why so many partitions on the HDD? What is the main software that runs a modded Xbox? What is a skin?
      That is it! The rest I will try to find on my own, I just want to know the "basics". Thank you guys, I am leaving you some pics, and also a picture of an original "Japanese" controller I got in the mail just today! Like we say in my country: "When lacking bread, cakes are good" (What I love is the cable in the controller, it's transparent lemon green.
      Cheers to all!
      Hector aka Nacho el Kid.
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    • By ericonzetaice
      Any suggestions as to why this is the case? the path i'm using is on partition F, could that be an issue? Thanks in advance.
    • By Sickk1
      I bought 10 used xboxes and I would love to resurrect them.
      Maybe you could help out as the most sites are down that contain proper information about the OGXBOX.
      First one tries to boot 2 times, the red/orange flashing.
      I soldered a Aladdin XT on it, the Modchip flashes red as well, but no change in behaviour ...
      Any ideas ?
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