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Forza Motorsports Hacking

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Big Shout out to Kreet and Kernel Master, this is not my original work.

With these files one could modify the cars power levels, textures, physics, upgrades, price et cetera..

This was a cool hack back in the day, you could build a RWD Honda CRX and go 300 mph, or upload custom textures for wild liveries.
Download the cars.ca2 + default.xbe
Modify the cars.ca2 (decompress the information, edit it, recompress, upload to console.
Then patch the default.xbe (to allow for the game to load with the modified file), use a copy of the original "default.xbe", patch it with the program, and then rename the patched file to "default.xbe", launch the game!
(be sure to save a copy of the original "default.xbe" to play an original copy of the game)
This is to be used for educational purposes only.

I haven't found anything malicious but virus scan anyway, sometimes the patcher flags as a "hacktool", compile the one from source or run in them in a sandbox it if you like.

Forza Tools.rar


Happy Modding!

All   The   Best

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Very cool!  Thanks for the files.  I might check these out this weekend.  As this system is brand new to me (I was a playstation guy at the  time) there's a ton of things like this that i didn't know was possible.  I just recently found out about xbox trainers and this is right up that alley.

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