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Can't save any new files to F volume


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I just installed a 2TB SSD in my Xbox, as the previous HDD I had in it died. Once I got a dashboard installed (UnleashX 0.39.0528A), I started copying over my games. After 145 games, I started getting errors during FTP. When required, the FTP client would create subdirectories, but then trying to change in to the newly created sub directory would fail. All file uploads would fail as well. I've tried both FileZilla and WinSCP and both have the same problem.

Here's the error from WinSCP:

Dir already exists in cache! "/F/Games/<game name>/DATA": Directory not found.

I deleted the cache volumes on the Xbox, but the error continues to happen. As it stands, I'm unable to upload anything else to the F volume. There's 708GB free on F, so disk space shouldn't be a problem.

I also did a test using the File Manager app on the Xbox. I created a subdirectory in F:\Games and then copied a file from the E: over to the new subdirectory. The file doesn't show up in the subfolder.

I did have the my games split between F and G before, but that was because of how the volumes were original configured and there wasn't enough space on a single volume. I should be able to fit everything on F, but this issue is stopping me from doing so.

In case it matters, I'm using an M8Plus BIOS with LBA48 support which is patched for the XboxHD+. Both F and G are partitioned to about 972GB each.

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yep, same problem I had the first time I did it years ago, you need to format your hard drive twice in XP Partitioner 1.3, the first time make the size a bit smaller than the available space on both partitions, then power off and on the Xbox and format it again this time to the full size and bingo you're off.  Problem has been around since the start of time.  Also make sure you've got 64kb cluster size.

At the moment if you go into XB Partitioner as sweetdarkdestiny said, you'll have ER on the partitions.

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I did format twice, but something seems to have gone wrong. XBPartitioner was showing ER for F and G. Repartitioning and reformatting still resulted in ER. To solve it, I had XBPartitioner remove G, repartition and format, then re-add G. Now it's showing 64 for both volumes. Not sure how it got in to this state, but hopefully this fixes things. Kicking off the upload again.


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