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Suggestion for Noob (modded xbox 128mb ram, 2tb, fanless heatsink ??? **softmodded**??)


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Greetings from Japan, wonderful people of this wonderful forum!

I have been a long time lurker and and even longer time dreamer (to have a OG Xbox).

As you might know here in Japan Original Xboxes are rare and come pretty expensive (50 to 120usd depending on the conditions). Anyway I recently bit the bullet and for 4500jpy(40usd) got my hands on a semitransparent black limited edition with controllers HD converters and original cables, all in very good conditions (externally). DVD is finicky but after few shots works. MB should be a 1.0 according to serial number. The seal is still intact which makes me believe nobody has been in there.

I got a copy of splinter cell, ordered usb port and ide-to-sata interface, ide cables. I am studying now right usb stick while I was looking my chances for a softmod and maybe an HDD upgrade (I have many laying around).

I read discussions in which members say "chip or death" but I am noob with solder -  I fix almost everything all the time so I do not know if it is a bit of a complex, Japanese humility or just I am still a noob for real. Let's just say I am not confident enough to try TSOP or modchips on this beauty while just remove the clock capacitor is something I would feel totally ok doing.

Looking around for component I stumbled upon this seller online that offers what stated in the title: a modded xbox 128mb ram, 2tb, fanless heatsink, softmodded for 200usd. I mean just the components are about 150usd. The guy clearly loves xbox.

The fan-less heat-sink and the lack of a modchip are the only two things that really make me go like "nani?" especially the heat sink so I decided to ask here... I know that later models did not have one but is it safe? also how it is the price? should I just drop it and buy this one or should I softmod it by myself? In case can I swap the "shell" with the one I have or depends on  the MB series?

Thank you for reading this huge thing.



edit: also can you suggest me a reliable and noob friendly step by step guide to softmod?

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12 minutes ago, Mu. said:

Using a softmod with 128MB of memory sounds a little unusual to me. I was under the impression that a custom bios was required. Perhaps their softmod solution loads some kind of compatible BFM bios as part of its startup routine.

Probable but I cannot help with more info. He did told me that he use a different bios.


9 minutes ago, Geeba said:


You could try - Tutorial - How to softmod the original Xbox in 2021 (Rocky5) | Se7enSins Gaming Community

I've not softmodded in many years but that looks pretty straight forward.



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I'm guessing TSOP over the softmod?

I honestly can't remember but I dont think 128mb upgrade will work on a softmod?

What are you mainly going to use the Xbox for? 128 RAM is good for emulators and heavy skins in XBMC etc. but will add little to Xbox games unless (again from memory) you patch them to use the extra memory.

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Hi Frizzo,

I'm also new here and starting with modding my Xbox. I have a 1.6b XBOX which was hardmodded 16 years ago. Since I dusted it off after 10 years on the attic I decided to bring it into the new decade. These are the mods I'm planning with the reasoning, might help you decide what todo

- Installing SSD --> mainly for noise reasons. I found the price difference between 1 TB SSD and 2 TB HDD not that large, and I rather have a quieter system. I also need to update the BIOS to a new version, since 16 years ago 1TB drive did not really exist as far as I can remember :D

- Doubting about disconnecting the DVD --> Not planning to play games from DVD, so not using it would help with some noise at startup. But on the other hand I noticed that you should still use it from time to time otherwise it gets stuck.

- 80 mm Fan --> installing a Noctua 80 mm fan and will also replace the cooling paste while I'm at it

- Install OGX360 --> I find the OG XBOX controller not accurate enough for todays standards. There seems to be a large death point and not too much range on the analogue sticks. I hope a newer controller might make gaming more fun. The controls on old games are typically not the best according to todays standards, so a bit of more accuracy might help in my view


The mods I'm skipping

- 128 mb ram --> As indicated by Geeba mainly usefull for emulators and homebrew stuff, but also if you want to play patched 720p games as far as I read. For me too much of a hassle so I will stick with the standard US games on 64MB. It at least gets rid of the 480i and gives me 720p on some titles.

- XboxHD+ --> Nice option but I already acquired a pound cable which delivers descent performance. There are a lot of complaints, and I might be blind to some of the issues it can give. Other option would be the Chimera solution which is apparently of great quality.


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Thank you all for the suggestions.
I will definitely pass on the idea of buying a pre-modded unit. No need for emulation machine. It is also more satisfying to diy.

@coldasijsthank you for your insights. I have several perfectly good HDDs laying around so I am planning on use one that is compatible according to the list.

I honestly plan to use the console only for Xbox because I have all the other consoles I am into so I play directly there or use pc for emulation.  After @Geeba suggestions I was looking already into noctua fan but damn those are expensive. I will definitely consider the no-DVD setting but I don't how much it really change when you just do not use it. For the moment I am still waiting on components from here and there so I will keep posting on the forum.

Again thank you all you got me thinking.

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8 minutes ago, Frizzo said:

Thanks @jeffl it is interesting... but I know that conductive paint tends to lose connectivity after few months. I am not familiar with TSOP, once you installed the bios is it ok to remove the bridges?


If are happy with the BIOS you write to TSOP, you won't need the bridges down the road. 


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