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1.6 Xbox MakeMhz Patched BIOS doesn't work


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Hi everyone,

I'm new here. Long story short. I'm trying to install MakeMhz XboxHD+ Hdmi Mod to my Xbox with 1.6v motherboard and 2TB HDD. I'm stuck with BIOS patching. 

Patched BIOS gives coma Console issue. All I  get is steady green light on Xbox and black screen. All patching was done following official MakeMhz guide with EvTool 1.0.9 and correct ips file. 

Unpatched BIOS works just fine. I'm using Evox M8+ 16 Bios with OpenXenium modchip.

Can't figure out what I'm missing. Tried different Bios'es. Also tried Using my old Aladdin Chip with same result. 

After patch is applied and flashed, I'm getting coma console. Also EvTool 1.0.9 won't recognize patched BIOS, gives me Unsupported kernel error. BIOS that I've tried to use, MD5 Checksum matches (as per MakeMhz website).

Any help would be much appreciated. As I've been trying to work it out for two weeks now. 

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Which MakeMHz HDMI adapter do you have?  There's the legacy adapter and the newer HD+ adapter. 

It looks like the patch to apply to the m8plus_16.bin BIOS file is different for each adapter:


Xbox Kernel Patches (kpatch - XboxHD+) - latest release: 1.0.2


Xbox Kernel Patches (Legacy - XboxHDMI) - latest release: 1.4.3

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Posted (edited)

Thanks for quick response.

I have HD+ adapter,  applied kpatch 1.0.2. And as a result I got coma console (steady green light with no video-audio output).  HD+ board is still not installed. Unpatched Bios works absolutely fine. 

I was following step by step official guide from MakeMhz. It's quite simple and straight forward. 

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18 hours ago, IceShadow said:

Thanks for quick response.

I have HD+ adapter,  applied kpatch 1.0.2. And as a result I got coma console (steady green light with no video-audio output).  HD+ board is still not installed. Unpatched Bios works absolutely fine. 

I was following step by step official guide from MakeMhz. It's quite simple and straight forward. 

I don't think the patched BIOS will boot properly until you have the HD+ adapter installed. 

Note: I don't have one of the HD+ adapters and have not tried to patch the BIOS then see if it will boot without the adapter installed.

Ask for support on the MakeMHz Discord server (https://discord.gg/nVNdq2yXtn) or at their website.

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Hi, I've fixed my old 1.6v motherboard for testing purposes. And what do you know. It does boot patched Bios. So, I've swapped HD+ adapter to board that I've fixed and.....same result, blank screen with steady green light. 

Well, at least now I have spare working motherboard (that was sitting in the attic, broken for last 10years).

It looks like once AV connector is removed, patched Bios wont work neither with Composite or component cables. For testing I've connected desoldered AV connector with few wires. 



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2 hours ago, SS_Dave said:

You are adding the 2 links to the bottom of the board at the AV port to enable HD?



SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.

Yes, I did.

Just found out that whenever 5V power supply is disconnected from HD+ adapter, Xbox boots patched Bios without a problem.

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