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Clone X2 Chips ( 1 Maybe Real ) - Flashing Problems

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Ok guys I've spoke to chaos engineer about this on Reddit a few times now and he guided me the easiest way to fix but it's now troubling me as to WHY it's occuring as it's never before now?

Chip 1 and 2 Ones a 2.3b Lite With markings the other is a 2.3b Without ANY markings. 'Will update with Pics later'. 

Now I can make a 1mb BIOS with x2 5035 and M8Plus and switch between the 2 using the PCBs fine. But when hexen / skaters flashes it only creates 1 BIOS across both banks  my guess here is hexen is creating a 1mb and flashing all 4 banks? I've done everything a normal install would do. 

Boot on bank 1 - Flash Bank 1 with Bios A.

BOOT on bank 1 - Switch while on rhen flash bank 2 with BIOS B..


BOOT on bank 1 - Flash with BIOS A

Boot on Bank 2 - Flash with BIOS B 


Each of these methods BOTH leaves whatever was the last bios flashed as the bios on both banks. Bear in mind the switches work FINE IF I make my own bios and flash within EVOX. 


Also Ind Bios no matter which struggles with these chips with stuttering which can't be changed or helped even with config changes. 


Yet M8Plus boots so fast it's actually shocking. Especially since both are SATA with 2TB hdd's. One using Startechs adapter one using a VBEXY? and yes I've switched adapters. I've switched 80 pin IDE cables. (ASUS one required 0 mods actually happy even though it's only 18 inches. 


What's the best course of action. Flash x2 5035 and M8 Plus 67 manually and leave? Both need f:127 g: Enabled IIRC. 

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Confused why it's doing this.  But I've only used an X2.0 lite and X2.1 pro, X2.6CE Lite and X3/X3CE skipped the X2.3b(lite) version.

I know with the x2 pro modchip I could set the DIP switches for the bank I wanted to flash and only that particular bank was overwritten using Evoxdash's BIOS flashing option.  Or, with a PC's parallel port and X2 BIOS Manager software flash, the entire chip or IIRC a particular bank could be reflashed with a different BIOS.  But, the X2.x pro is an entirely different Team Xecuter modchip.

I wonder...what Flash= lines are in your evox.ini file?

What flash chip is ID'd when you run Xbox BIOS Checker v5.0? (Did you already post a picture of this in a different thread?)


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