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 recently got a debug kit I have been trying to look for ways on how to FTP 2 debug kit. The only media this would read that will allow you to FTP is the dashboard Avalanche. These were made on the Old Source codes that's why it can read it. But you really want the Alpha version it's a special version (Alpha v0.49.1)

This is the only Dash or program this debug kit will play. Once it boots up go into file manager using the CD to get there. Copy files from DVD drive into the E partition you can make a folder call it apps and place individually everything on the contents of the CD you made... once that is done you can reboot the system open Avalanche go into FTP settings. You want to change your IP address to whatever you have on flashfxp or Windows .. once you are linked you can pull off any programs that you want to make a copy for yourself. Another thing you can do is download an app called retail game loader V 1.20. This app will allow you to play retail games as well as emulators or anything the original Modded Xbox can play. How you use it is once you FTP to hard drive and is complete reset the system then under xdk launcher click on the newly installed app retail disc loader V 1.20... once that is launched it will look like the exact same Dash except now you can load anything you want. I was giving a lot of help from a lot of different sources in order to make this post to this form. Please if you know any other tricks leave a comment below if not this will work for sure I've tried it myself 100%. Thank you very much for reading have a great

Frankie d



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After putting the "Hack-devkit-GueuX-V2".

With a "Phoenix BIOS Loader" (PBL), you can put a 1TB HDD (and more).

On my Debug Kit, I have 400GB.



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On 9/23/2020 at 5:18 PM, Shabazz18 said:

I need to FTP to (from) a Development Kit

Easiest way is to use Yelo Neighborhood. It's a newer replacement for the old connection software included in the official SDK that lets you connect to your Xbox (dev kit/debug kit) from a Windows PC. Works on Windows 10 too. Just connect your console to your home network and run this on your PC to see your Xbox's files.


You can then load up Hack-devkit-GueuX-V2 to gain access to your entire E drive and also run retail games/apps (such as proper FTP apps).

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On 9/23/2020 at 7:18 PM, Shabazz18 said:

I need to FTP to (from) a Development Kit

Not how you are meant to move content to/from an Xbox Development Kit. 

Use Yelo as already suggested by @GoTeamScotchor the Xbox Neighborhood found in the official software development kit.  I don't believe the SDK will install and run properly on Windows 10.  You'll need to setup a Windows XP SP3/SP4 computer or virtual machine.

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