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Doom Legacy v0 05 142 PreAlpha
Really impressed that this link has over 900 views...Besides the 2d work I shared. I created all the banners and previews needed..But I will not release this part  due to copy right issues on the videos....Its been fun Enjoy Rex...
Your icons don't show in the thread any more. Any way you can repost or upload them somewhere?

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Edit startup.xml


For folders remove faster_game_loading.bin


Also games have nothing to do with it, depending on the size of the artwork you have, I recommend 212x300 for posters using lanczos as the resize filter..

Where is the startup.xml, and what would I need to edit in it to have XBMC4Gamers boot up into the categories?




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Hi there.  This is a nice dash indeed specifically for games.  Just downloaded this dash and can't wait to try it out on my Xbox.  The retail xbox rips plays well on my xbox but none of emulators work.  Maybe I will try to run the Hexen installer and then include this dash in.


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Hey all,


It has been quite a while since I have gotten into this project, and I have made significant progress with my XBMC4Gamers build. Speaking of which, I have made many custom icons. Here are a bunch that you all can use.


I basically have a template that I use for all my icons, that is the standard one that is seen in retail xbox games. My category icons however, I have a template based off of the silver Platinum Hits Xbox games.


Can someone tell me what I need to do to get background music working? I set the music folder, which has some MP3's in it, but XBMC4Gamers doesn't see them.


Let me know if you guys want to see more.













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