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Aladdin LCD help


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I'm planning to use Ryzee119's Aladdin LCD driver but want to use the Xblast modchips I have as they are essentially the same thing.

I'm just looking for some help to identify the LCD connection points for the Xblast as I don't have an Aladdin chip to compare to right now.


Looking for points RS, E, Vo and RW on the Xblast





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6 hours ago, sweetdarkdestiny said:

Why not buying a simple XBlast Lite for 20-25 bucks instead of a Aladdin for ~10 and a Spi2Par for ~10-15 bucks ect.?


Btw the XBLast would offer way more as just a display.

I already have a screen and xblast that I made and would like to try get it working with stuff I already have and buying mod chips in the uk isn’t easy these days and eBay are all Chinese sellers which takes a while to get here.

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Ok, so I have this working with an Aladdin modchip now.

Problem is after I enable settings in XBMC4GAMERS the display works fine until reset console then doesn’t display anything ? Even though settings are saved when I go back to them?

Am I missing something simple here? Sorry this is my first dabble with LCD’s 😬

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      Thanks in advance.

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