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XBMC4Gamers, giving folders icons.


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Hi everyone, 

After hours of trying peoples suggestions and getting nowhere, I am asking for help. Basically, I have all my game backups in f/games/..... and all of these games have been given artworks using the artwork installer. BUT my collection is about 300+ games and so I would like to organise these games into folders ie f/games/Racing Games Folder/..... but when I do this it gives the folder the missing artwork icon. 

Basically I want to know how to give the folder that I have created (that is full of my racing games each in their own folder) an icon. Using the example provided, I have created this icon 157372614_RacingGamesFolder.jpg.6f86c04432efdda96f6ebf6dd219330b.jpg which is the usual 200x283pixels but I cannot seem to get the folder to display this image on the games menu. 

Is there a way to give a folder (full of my games folders) an icon? 

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If its like vanilla XBMC4Xbox it should just be a matter of introducing a "folder.jpg" icon to the relevant folder.

XBMC's icon handling can be a bit of a pain, at least I've found so, because once done with anything new added to that folder the "folder.jpg" may be applied to the new contents even if a TBN or other icon is present.

If that happens a TBN will then be created in the XBMC > UserData > Thumbnails folder and you'll have to remove the folder.jpg temporarily, find and delete that folder.jpg icon TBN generated for the new content before its own icon will be applied and its associated TBN stored. You then restore the folder.jpg and restart.  

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7 hours ago, Paulo011 said:

Yeah I've tried what you suggested but I cannot seem to get an image to display for a folder (that contains a bunch of other game folders). Any other ideas would be great :)

I have seen this asked before and don't recall seeing an answer

You could try asking by sending a message to Rocky5  as it is his project.




SS Dave

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On 4/22/2021 at 10:57 AM, Rocky5 said:

Try disabling fast game parsing. 

settings > my programs > other

I disabled it.


So I can get an img to load for the Folder only by putting folder.jpg inside it.


No img available and xMugen are the custom folders inside the homebrew section. Soon as I move off my custom folders to the right I'm presented with your default Missing Artwork img as if it unloads.


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