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OGXBox PDF Reader ?

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    • By Scaby Daby Doo
      Is it Possible to retrieve my EEPROM via usb? Ive seen all the vids using PonyProg and have made a reader in the past for an old Xbox, my problem now is my old pc is long gone and all i have now is a laptop with 2 usb 3.0 and 1 usb-c ports no ethernet I can use a usb to ethernet converter. I also have a serial to ethernet cable. i could do this.... Xbox + eeprom cable + serial to ethernet cable + ethernet to usb. This sounds like a bad idea and I don't think Ponyprog likes usb. Aside from a mod chip what are my options. The box in question is a 1.2 which i intend to tsop, I also have a softmoded 1.6
    • By willis
      Does xbox have some sort of pdf reader available or converter to view pdf files? Some way to convert them to be viewed on xbox?
    • By HDShadow
      Not for the first time I've gone looking for the 'official' UnleashX manual online to point a poster in a forum to some of the useful information it contains.
      I've just had to do that again and this time I could not find an online copy except for one some bad monkey web site is trying to get users to pay for.  I thought why not attach the original copy I have to a post here.
      Hope it works.
      If not then perhaps somebody else could post a working link or share a copy and add it to the downloads here instead.   
      UnleashX Tutorial.pdf

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