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Black screen after uploading a game via FTP

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I bought an original xbox with a softmod and no harmod, I did some research and decided to load jet set radio future by FTO in the games folder in E: to see if it worked but when I started it it only stayed on a black screen, when I restarted the LED changes to orange after starting the xbox startup animation, but does not progress from there. I open the tray and close it but nothing happens. Any help would be welcome, because the xbox was a gift from my girlfriend and I don't want to give her the bad news that I broke the xbox the first day
I dont have de HDD key, no backup or anything since i was new in this softmod topic. I dont care if i have to delete everything.



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You still seem to have FTP access. That means the softmod is still working. The orange LED is also probable additional confirmation of that.

What this means is the dashboard is damaged, possibly JSRF or another game tried to update it, or you accidentally deleted an important file or folder.

It should be be fixable but first backup your eeprom - you say you don't have the "HDD key" but that E:\Eep-bak folder looks like you. FTP that to your PC as a priority and if you have an "eeprom.bin" inside it that is the important thing.

Do you know what softmod was used? What dashboard were you using?

It would also help to see just the main contents of both C:\ and E:\ so we can work out where your dashboard should be. If you have a Dash or Dashboard folder on either drive then the contents of that would be useful too.

All that may be necessary is to FTP in a replacement dashboard XBE but it must be named correctly and installed in the correct location. That varies with the softmod so the information about exactly what is on your C:\ and E:\ drive is vital


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That section above should read:-

"It should be be fixable but first backup your eeprom - you say you don't have the "HDD key" but that E:\Eep-bak folder looks like you do. FTP that to your PC as a priority and if you have an "eeprom.bin" inside it that is the important thing."

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Sorry for not having given enough information.

I will try to post something that is helpful if someone reads this in the future, who has the same problem.

I no longer have access to FTP, I took those screenshots after I restarted the xbox, I have tried to connect again by ftp with the black screen, without success.

I've been doing more research and I think the only way will be to make a hotswap or try to do it with the 007 game I have, which I have already made sure is the version that can be use for softmod. I will put an image of how to see if your version is correct for sofmoding. Also, there is others games to do this.

However I do not have a USB adapter so I will have to buy it.

I would have preferred to buy a USB to SATA adapter, if the xbox hard drive uses SATA, but hey, I should have predicted that something like this could happen on a console this old, and not expect it to have a windows 10 recovery system.

I think this is the only option since I don't have the eeprom file.
I have seen that it is possible to unlock the HDD with a raspberry if none of this works.

What do you think is my best option? Any advice is very welcome.

Actually I just want to play Jet Set Radio Future as my pc is too bad for the CXBX emulator.

For that I have two options, either burn the game on a DVD-R however I am not sure if the xbox has the mod chip, or after recovering the softmod make a hardmod with a larger HDD.

Any advice for this is also very welcome.


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If it was JSRF that messed it up it would have been trying to update the dash. It depends what softmod was being used but, as said, the orange LED suggests that the softmod could still be functioning.

Therefore sweetdarkdestiny's question/suggestion is very relevant because whether the softmod dash has gone and/or it now has a part broken MS dash it should still be able to cold boot either a rescue/installer disc and/or an original Xbox game disc.

If you know what game was used to softmod it that's the one to try if a rescue/installer disc doesn't boot. Are you sure 007 AUF was the one used because if it was not the same game the installed saves used for softmodding will not work?

BTW HeXEn, AID or whatever you have available should have been burned on DVD-R preferably using ImgBurn at default settings for writing image files to disc. BTW both HeXEn an AID are slow booters typically taking 20+ secs and 40+ secs respectively.

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