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Most accurate list of replacement capacitors for 1.6?

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C1B1	100uF	25V
C1E1	3300uF	6.3V
C1E2	3300uF	6.3V
C1F2	3300uF	6.3V
C1G10	3300uF	6.3V
C1G7	22uF	25V
C1G9	22uF	25V
C2B2	1500uF	6.3V
C2E2	3300uF	6.3V
C2G4	22uF	25V
C3B1	10uF	16V
C3G8	22uF	25V
C4G5	22uF	25V
C5G2	1500uF	6.3V
C6A1	10uF	16V
C6A3	10uF	16V
C6G2	100uF	25V
C6G3	22uF	25V
C7G3	22uF	25V
C7A2	22uF	25V
C7B5	47uF	16V
C7G11	22uF	25V
C7F1	1500uF	6.3V
C8C1	1F	2.5v Clock Cap
C8E3	22uF	25V
C8F5	100uF	25V
C8G1	22uF	25V
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      I have a Jet Set Radio Future save that I have played around 25 hours in that I would like to be able to play on my console, but I haven't been able to figure out how to resign the save. The save has an "error reading JSRF save data" and doesn't let me use my save. The save originated in Cxbx-R and it won't allow me to move the save to or from the console without this error occurring. Not sure how to proceed from here, and would be grateful if anyone wanted to help me out. I have attached the save if that can help, thanks for your time.
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      Hi I am after a full list of every component that soldered to the Xbox motherboard, all revisions.
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