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Quake 2X ( Beta 3)


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Description: Quake 2X is a PC port of Quake 2 to our wonderful Xbox

- Full singleplayer 
- Full network support (up to 256 clients) 
- Full xbox/pc network compability (xboxes can join pc servers and vice versa) 
- HDTV resolutions (480p, 720p, 1080i) 
- Widescreen - PAL60 support 
- All xbox antialiasing modes are supported (up to 9x supersampling) 
- Movies are played at their native resolution (320x240) instead of being scaled down to 256x256

Author: Repi (quake2x at hotmail dot com)
Version: Beta 3

Download link: 

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Can anyone help me, I'm at torture Chambers and Data CD won't load that I had to collect. When resetting the game it brings me to the same world where I've killed all the people but from the beginning of the game.


When restarting program nothing changes . I need help or a way to bring up console commands bc the game is broken. Please help me

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