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Anyone want an original (not a clone) aladdin chip?

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1 hour ago, SS_Dave said:

Where are you located?



SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.

Usa, I can ship international its just gonna be more expensive

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    • By Jamescaseyrudstedt
      Selling this beauty. Only 4 consoles were ever made. I’m looking for offers really. Anything over 1000£ + would be considered. Will ship anywhere in the world, But you pay for that cost. Is usualy 69 £ tracked. Have a great one!  

    • By dee
      First of all, thank you dear community for the oportunity to be a part of something good!
      I have a strange problem, have xbox 1.4 with aladdin XS MODCHIP, an older modchip ,but nonetheless it is working,
      As i want to upgrade to larger HDD, i pot-ed thomson drive, because it was failing, i put the 80 gb hdd, but i get error 13 and/or 16, 
      the problem is that hexen or slayers cant read dvd from the first try,and always it can read from the second,third,etc.Also reads backups and reads hexen and slayers from retail HDD.
      Orange light is ok,evox sign is in the left-upper corner,it tries to read dvd hexen,but gets me to error 13 or 16 (this is only when i put blank HDD instead of the retail one)?
      Is there any solution to this?would appreciate very much,i could provide any information needed, THANKS IN ADVANCE
    • By Aero_105
      I got original xbox with intentions to only use working dvd drive to swap for parts but up found the existing hdd looked damaged as original owner said xbox was making arching noises.  I figured to see if I can get the xbox going again.  The machine powers on and shuts off at 1:15(s) that is with a working hdd.  I swapped the power supply from a working machine and same thing.  The dvd drive does work on a working machine.  I relocked the hdd from another machine to this one the hdd was softmodded didn't work.  I then reformatted with stock C and E files relocked hdd didn't work.  The original xbox powers on automatically when plugged in.  The original xbox has a Xecuter 2.6 mod chip.  I ran the setup without modchip installed, with modchip turned off and with modchip on - no improvements.  Any suggestions as what to do next?  What to test for?  When on stock dashboard I could not load a disc properly.  When on softmod dashboard disc would not load properly.  Not sure  if there is a ide cable issue?  Not sure if the hdd is setup correctly for given bios?  Not sure if bios is corrupt.
      Dvd drive - works
      Power Supply - works
      Replaced Hdd
      Motherboard ? 
      Modchip ?

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