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37 minutes ago, Raja said:

Please don't take this project seriously, I know you are very dedicated to it, but health is very important in this pandemic period so look after yourself and your loved ones and be safe. There are many alternatives for all of us for xbox needs, so we can all wait patiently. Wish you a quick recovery.

Yes take care and get better soon. Don't worry about the installer, the most important thing is you have taken the action to prevent the issue happening until you feel better. All the best.


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OGXBox Installer 2021  Made because ... ! First of, you have the choice between two versions. 1) PBL which uses Phoenix Bios Loader and 2) NonPBL without the Phoenix Bios Loader. Both versi

Check the 1fichier folder ( https://1fichier.com/dir/mX1kipIz ) in about ~30 minuntes (I'm uploading it right now). The DHCP build will be online as " OGXBox Installer 2021 UX PBL v1.0.5 DHCP.rar ".

Update to v1.0.2 Changlelog: - Added the Memorycard TSOP Flasher to the "Flas Bios" section (2.0.) as:   "2.3. Copy MC TSOP Flasher to HDD/MC/USB."   Both versions, Pal and NTSC, are there

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48 minutes ago, sinclairuser said:

is this due to a recent change?, if it is just go back to the last working version.

No it not a recent change it was 1 flash program that was there from the start and it can cause TSOP flash failures some times so as a precaution it was removed from download.

If you have the old version just don't use Resctoox to flash BIOS's use Xblast instead.



SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.

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    • By Tysonb
      I have a problem with the artwork installer in xbmc4gamers.
      I have in the F drive games from # to M and in the G drive games from N to Z.
      When i use auto installer he finds only the games from N to Z.
    • By sweetdarkdestiny
      Hey guys and lady's,
      the titel mostly say it already. I would be interested in which tools you use for your xbox and which tools you think should be on an installer. And also interesting is what you would like to have on an installer as well like emulators (and ofc which), dasdboards (Old, new ect.) or which options you think would be nice to have on that disc.
      Reason is, Dave an I had a little chat about the installer and some little issues with it and like I wrote in the topic (of the installer), I plan to re-design it a bit, if you will so. (Because Dave is right here and there so, yeah....)
      Thats why I would like to get some imput of you guys. PM's are also welcome, in case you're shy.
      So hit me with your suggestions ect..
      EDIT. And no softmodding. Rocky does a awesome job with his softmodding tool so there would be no need to put something like that on an other installer.
    • By Eggeese
      I have two OG XBOX consoles and I'd like to get them up and running again if possible. One unit powers on but shows an error 7 and the other powers on and reaches the dashboard but will not read any disc I put into the drive(There is also no message about not being able to read the disc either). What steps should I take to get started with a repair? Is either unit a lost cause? I know I'm probably leaving out important info but hopefully this can get me going.

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