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37 minutes ago, Raja said:

Please don't take this project seriously, I know you are very dedicated to it, but health is very important in this pandemic period so look after yourself and your loved ones and be safe. There are many alternatives for all of us for xbox needs, so we can all wait patiently. Wish you a quick recovery.

Yes take care and get better soon. Don't worry about the installer, the most important thing is you have taken the action to prevent the issue happening until you feel better. All the best.


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OGXBox Installer 2021  Made because ... ! First of, you have the choice between two versions. 1) PBL which uses Phoenix Bios Loader and 2) NonPBL without the Phoenix Bios Loader. Both versi

********************************************************************************                            *************************** OGXBox Installer 2021 *************************** **********

Check the 1fichier folder ( https://1fichier.com/dir/mX1kipIz ) in about ~30 minuntes (I'm uploading it right now). The DHCP build will be online as " OGXBox Installer 2021 UX PBL v1.0.5 DHCP.rar ".

Posted Images

48 minutes ago, sinclairuser said:

is this due to a recent change?, if it is just go back to the last working version.

No it not a recent change it was 1 flash program that was there from the start and it can cause TSOP flash failures some times so as a precaution it was removed from download.

If you have the old version just don't use Resctoox to flash BIOS's use Xblast instead.



SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.

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7 hours ago, sinclairuser said:

i wish SDD would reactivate the links for this, as long as you dont use the flash function it would be fine, the rest of his installer is ok, i never downloded it before he pulled it and i want to try it.

Hey mate,

I will bring it back and I have already made all bioses new using the one of Dave to make sure all are good. And Raja has testet the version using XBlast instead of Resctoox and the test result is good.

And I found out what causes the problem.

The problem is a combination of "Winbond + custom .dds gfx + Resctoox". But thats all I can tell. Maybe one of the more elite user/coder here could tell what they think why that happes because, I have no answer to that. Fact is, it will only happen with the above mentioned config.

But back to your wish. Like I said, I'm on a new version but I'm still not 100% up right now, I'm happy that I can sit in a chair for now, so it still will take some time. If you just want to install a HDD use AID or Slayers.

But I have to tell as well that I have to "protect users" to not kill there box. Most users just read the first post of an topic, load what they want and bam we got another bad box because the warning was on site 3 or 4 the user has not read. The only way to prevent that is to not offer any of the images till they are fixed. I apologise for that but that is what I think is best for all.

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thanks man, i do understand, i have got a new  drive for one of my units and want to try your installer thats all.

i will wait till you release it, but till then good luck and keep well,

nothing is more important than your heath and well being,



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I have a beta version up for testing.

I have made all bios files new and changed the Winbond/Sharp/Atmel flasher to XBlast OS. I also changed a lot more things in this version.

There is still some work to do (mainly edit some info files) but for now it will work.

So if anyone want a beta copy till the next final shows up (which still can take some days (still a bit sick but ok enough to do the work)) and help me finding smaller bugs drop me a PM and i send you the link for the download because i have this beta in a different non public folder.

So far i can tell everything works but more eyes find more mistakes i made right?

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*************************** OGXBox Installer 2021 ***************************
Version 1.5.0. Final

Folder link @ 1fichier : https://1fichier.com/dir/mX1kipIz
Folder link @ Mega for : https://mega.nz/folder/xUl13A4B#d_RMbhNrNA81QhgwoaUv4g

Most "important" changes :

  • Switched from Resctoox to XBlast for Winbond & Sharp TSOPs. (Hope you enjoy it Raja ;) )
  • Updated UiX Lite to the latest build 0.9.5 (Now C:\ only but 0.8.4 is still an option)
  • I have made all bios files new.
  • I restructured the menu a bit (Funtions are still there but may in slyightly different places or in new subs).
  • Added a EvoX CC for the XBlast light modchip. 
  • Changed some other minor things you may notice or may not.

So let me say again sry for the long time some of you had to wait for it but some times life is simply a b1tch.

Hope you will enjoy the new version (DHCP and Static are online at Mega and on 1fichier as hotlinks).



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8 hours ago, Raja said:

Thank you Sweetdarkdestiny! I am sure Xblast flasher will work better for all of us.

I hope so. Like i wrote in the other topics the problem was the mix of Resctoox + custom .dds + Winbond. I don't know if the same would happen with XBlast as well and I'm not crazy enought to test that out. To prevent that this error will happen again i have made all bios files new to ensure that there isn't another bios with a probably bad .dds file (or what ever caused this).

Maybe i will re-add the option for resctoox at some point so you could choose in the main menu if you like to use XBlast or Restoox (for the ppl. how like that better (btw. the previous working version of  Restoox is still on the image and could be used from HDD) but for now I'm glad to have the images working and back online. Still missing some info files which are linked but empty but thats not a deal breaker IMO and I will fix that with the update after I may get some feedback on this one.

And the one or the other may have noticed that I have reworked all "flash ini's/xml" and inlcluded each bios as noDVD and yesDVD bios and 256/512/1024kb version (I also included the info about the head parking for the WD Green HDD and about the color of the bios ect.).  I also sorted the menu's of the flasher to make it easyer for the user to find what he/she want. Thats btw. the main reason why it took a bit longer. Some times it's realy hard to keep track of your open and close tags in the evox.ini with notpad++ because you can't close the sections in ini files like you can do with xml files but, I found out that you can do it with Visual Studio Code, which makes it a hole lot easyer to keep track of what you are doing.

One thing I would like to add is the MacOS and Windows 98 images for xbox but that would end up in a double layer dvd because of the size. Maybe be I will do it onec as a special edition for v2.0 beside the normal version ofc. Will see. I'm still on to other installer, Skin/Theme Installer and the Save Game Installer which both still needs a lot of work (Time to team up I guess or I should try to eat after midnight to splitt up like a gramlin. *lol*).


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Hey I checked out the new version of OGXBOX installer 1.5.0 today. Xblast flashed the winbond with the EVOX, Executer, and IND bios like a champ. Also flashed a Aladdin and DuoX2 with the same bios and it worked perfect. Next I will try setting up up stock and Larger HD and Install apps.

Thanks a lot again for all the effort you put in to this project.

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Hi bud - just a quick one, me and a couple friends have used this disc and once we set up the HDD using the tool it just hangs as MS logo on boot. However, when we do the same with Hexen, it boots fine as it should. Are we doing something wrong?

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What bios do you use? Maybe it points to the wrong dash?

When you install with option "3.1.2. AiO Setup a new large HDD." (which i recommend) in combination with the right bios (ECE UX or CEE evoxdash (which is a shortcut to E:\dash\unleashx\unleashx.xbe)) it should launch UnleashX on boot by default.

I will test it on my xbox and see if there is something wrong.

Edited by sweetdarkdestiny
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Sry but it took a wile. Needed to troubleshoot my test xbox first (Glued a peace of plastic yesterday and accidentally isolatet a pin of the IDE port). How ever, i have bootet the DVD and installed the HDD using "3.1.2. AiO Setup a new large HDD." with an CEE (UX) bios and with an ECE (UX) bios and it works like expected. No errors of problems at all (If you want, i can do a quick video of the install and flash process).

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Because we still have this "no one talks about" thing going on outside and the fact that, I'm bored because of that, I worked a bit on the Installer. I added, changed and fixed things here and there and here she is the new version with some nice little thing no one will ever need. ;)

Have fun (DL link to the usual folders below).


*************************** OGXBox Installer 2021 ***************************
Version 1.5.1 - Changelog (log of shame).

Re-Added the option to flash your Winbond/Sharp
with Resctoox. It's on you what you like better
XBlast or Restoox.
Bios flash options are 100% the same for both.

Added firmware for Aladdin XBlast and XBlast.
I also made and include the webpage manual as
PDF because I find it more usefull.
And please note, some screenshots are missing
thats because they are no longer on the webpage
but we all can life with that i guess.
Copyright by psyko_chewbacca!

Added a folder with usefull pictures which
can become pretty handy.
You can see them using the file explorer
or just FTP the folder to your PC.
Copyright by all the one's who have made them.

Added a folder with manuals and eBooks.
Just FTP the folder to your PC.
Copyright by all the one's who have made them.

Added a description (Read Me) to each single dashboard
you can install. Basicly the same like you already know
from the install single apps menu.
For some of them aren't much infos out there anymore so
if you can say more about them, let me know. :)

I have edited the "Easy Setup Mode" which is now
available again. (If some one would use this ;) )

Some usefull manuals. They can be found in the "misc" folder

Some usefull pictures which could come handy. To see them just
go to "D:\misc\Stuff\Pictures" and copy them to your PC or use
the UnleashX file browser to display them. All files are .jpg.
And THANKS to all of the ones who have made these pic or scametics
I have included here. Copyright still belongs to all of this ppl.!

Added the stuff below to the Bios & Firmware section:
- XeniumOS v2.3.1 (HDD & ISO)
- EvoX X-CHIP BIOS v1.3.
- Evox Matrix TSOP Flash.
- TSOP recovery M27C2001 EEProm (Tutorial & EvoX m7 + d6 TSOP.bin)
  (This is also available in the EvoX flasher (EvoX + Others) to
   flash your Aladdin XBLast, XBlast Lite/Pro or a EEProm.)
- iND Bios Animations (Because of a request.)

Re-Added Raincoat (
This one is now available in varius versions because of Raincoat
only reads the first 30 lines of the config.
So i have sortet them and splited them up to get the most usability
out of it for the ones who still like it.
How ever, I recommend XBlast or Resctoox.
Bfw, if you like you can find eurasia pro generic flash disc v1.3
in the OGXBox Installer PC Tool Set.

Fixed an Updated the EvoXBoot menu and added the UiX Lite beta 0.9.5
to it. (Links to C:\uixlite.xbe now instead of E:\Dash\uixlite\uixlite.xbe)

Added a simple function (3.4) to fix boot problems without loosing any
data on partition (C),E,F and G.
First of all files from your C partition will be copied to:
After that it format the C partition and copy the fresh stock files to it
(Including shortcuts).
Than your UnleashX/XBMC/XBMC4Gamers dashboard will be moved to the Backups
folder on E (E:\backups\...) as well and a fresh version will be copied
to E:\Dash\UnleashX or E:\XBMC or E:\XBMC4Gamers (depending on what you has
After that you can boot to your "new" dashboard and fix your boot problems
and copy back your files or just delete them.

Fixed XBMC being in double a folder. (Not sure how i messed that up.)

Fixed a small bug in the softmod config.

Added the option to launch your dashboard from the installer using the
BFM bios of this disk. "6.4. Kickstart Dashboard from HDD."
Maybe usefull for troubleshooting.

Added the option to remove remove SoftMod Files which may be left when you
TSOP'ed or ChipModded your XBox (3.7.).

Added a new section 4.7. where you can install some skins. Right now there
isn't much to see except for the XBMC Origins skin and some Unleash skins
but I plan to expand this with skins I like or skins ppl suggest/recommend.
So not everything will be on there, just the good stuff. ;)

And i moved the option to install addons/scrips ect (all that dashboard stuff)
to the 4. Install or Switch Dashboards catagory.

Added Xenium Tools from Ryzee to the installer.  I think the XBE will only work for
OpenXenium users.
You can launch the live xbe from : 2.7.5. Launch Xenium-Tools
Copy the ISO+XBE from : Copy Xenium-Tools
Or install the XBE from : Install Xenium Tools (XBE)


AtariSoul had reportet a "bug" a wile back (shame on me) about, that the main screen info not
switching the gateway which gets displayed in the DHCP version even when it does and working fine.
I hope that bug is fixed now.



Folder link @ 1fichier  : https://1fichier.com/dir/mX1kipIz
Folder link @ Mega  : https://mega.nz/folder/xUl13A4B#d_RMbhNrNA81QhgwoaUv4g

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@sweetdarkdestiny Thanks mate, I didn't think your installer disc could get any better! I forgot I had mentioned about the DGW not updating with DHCP main screen.  

I was using the ORIGINS image and wanted to convert it to XBMC4GAMERS so rather than transferring all the games to F & G again and wanting to remove all the softmod stuff I wondered how to achieve this. All I did was load your disc, saw the format C & E and then it reinstalled all the vital stuff to get it up and running again.

Brilliant stuff!!!!!

And I've got an OpenXenium to install, well because I can!! so you've added just what I need!

I hope you're feeling much better now too.

All the very best and stay safe




Edited by AtariSoul
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I'm good as new, thanks for asking.

The credits for the format and setup C & E option goes to Dave. He wanted some "basic as possible" option so thats why the option is there.

And I thought about an option to convert that ORIGINS image into a "real" TSOP/Chip image (eightball came up with that idea) and there was a beta which had this functions but tbh it's tricky to do.

You have to replace so many files and configs, flash a bios first ect. . A lot of things are double on the Origins Image which should be replaced with shortcuts (for example 3 x UnleashX which could be easily linked to one main dash in E:\Dash .... ). That thing is horrible but I think, that this isn't a final version (it's a leaked beta if the roumers are right) so I will not judge here. At the end I put that idea on ice. Maybe if I'm in the right mood to play around with the Origins image I will do a covert option but for now - not my thing.

And btw. I'm also not a huge fan of it because every thing feels so slow. I would prefere Rocky's X4G and add my own games to it if I would use a XBMC version at all. I'm a UnleashX fanboy if you will so. I'm just missing a PDF viewer and a option to display pictures right away like the TXT files in the installer.

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@sweetdarkdestinyPDF viewer but this is a 15+ year old console!

I'm currently looking at 720p patches and some are great and some not so and crash. I'm trying to re-introduce the XBOX to my 20's year old sons to show them that other than graphics (hence 720p patching) gameplay is what makes  great game.

Destroy all humans for the atmosphere and fun is my kind of game.


Edited by AtariSoul
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I don't have testet all these game patches and updates. I had them collectet over time an djust put them on there to have them all in one place. Same with updates (whihc are official), HDD Fixes, Widefixes ect..

I'm basicly not a gamer but I have to admit that I bought one XBox just to play Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes again and see how I ended up - "coding" installer. :D (Still need to replay the game -.- )

If you send me a list which don't work, I can check these and see if I can get a working replacement or if I can Hex a new one.

About the PDF viewer. I mean why not? The OS is basicly W2K and it should be possible. It would be enough for me if it just could display the PDF (no fancy functions). Think about the options this could provide for the installer. Alternatively a option to display jpg's "in Dash", like the TXT, but sadly you have to use the File Explorer for that. Biggest problem is to get the source code for UnleashX (if it still exsist somewhere). How ever, just a dream of an old man. ;)

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I think the version you are looking for is in the 1st post





SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.


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    • By solarriors

      I'm certain I saw an OGXbox Discord server, but I couldn't find any link with Google or the forums internal search either.
      Can I have an invite please ?

    • By TL gamer
      When downloading any packages to your computer there is still a default .xbe in them. and all Xbox apps/games have a default.xbe they have to or you cannot ever launch anything  Instead of a .exe which the computer reads for launching programs and apps, the xbox has a .XBE XBOX Executable. The XB stands for XBOX and the E stands for executable.
      Anyway I downloaded the Gamers - Emustation Artwork Stuff from the following link:
      Which is the link found in this topic:
      I am now going to copy and paste an exact quote from the Topic Creator:
      Yet there isn't a single default.xbe anywhere in that package which means there is no possible way to run the installer at all. Furthermore the xbox reads the following extensions for images png - jpg - tbn - bmp (The proper dashboard still has to be used as some dashboards cannot read certain image files.)
      Anyway after looking through the package, there isn't any proper file extensions for the xbox to read either.
      Someone needs to create the proper picture formats so the dashboards can read it and say what dashboard those pictures go with, place those pics in the properly named folder, .rar that folder, and uploaded it.
       All someone needs to do then is download it, unpack the .rar file, and copy the folder that has all the pictures in it, onto the proper section of the xbox.
      Right now there isn't even a way to run any of this off a disk or the HDD.
      it's a complete shit show with no clear simple easy instructions.
      I shouldn't have to still connect the xbox to the net to download what I already have just to get it to run.
      This whole thing is a major and complex mess.
    • By ToxicMedz
      TruHeXEn 2021
      To all those wanting a proper update to my release of TruHeXEn 2020, you've finally got one
      Massive thanks to user "sweetdarkdestiny" here on ogxbox forums for the very  strong push to getting a proper release out.
      Without their effort at attempting to clean HeXEn's old code, this update would have taken much longer.
      This update mainly consists of general housekeeping changes to how HeXEn traditionally got tasks accomplished.
      Just about every aspect of the scripts has had some level of optimizations done to them to make this the fastest booting/cleanest HeXEn disc to date.
      All of the original features of TruHeXEn 2020 have been maintained as well as having a few outdated systems replaced.
      Winbond/Sharp tsop flashing is now handled by Xblast OS instead of Resctoox for example.
      *noDvd m8 Bios added back to the flashing menu
      *IND-5003 replaced with the Xiso patched version
      *Updated Eeprom Nulling tool added. One specific to each system (Tsop/Modchip and Softmod Systems)
      The biggest change any long time user of HeXEn will notice right off the bat is the massively improved boot times.
      This was accomplished by splitting up HeXEn into two parts.
      Upon booting HeXEn will by default load into the menu specifically for Tsop/Modchip systems. There is a new option first in the list to reboot into the Softmod specific menu.
      Aside from that most all of the features you expect are still present.
      Love it or Hate it, TruHeXEn is here to stay
      Google Drive Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/165tikChvIc8q7HqfLxxACBOMGvNqQL3e/view?usp=sharing

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