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Removing XBox Emblem From Case?

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The one I removed I heated to whole top case and then pried it off with a plastic trim tool.

I have also read heat it up and use fishing line to slide under it



SS Dave

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i did try heating one once and it warped the top case so be careful there, I had some success with a plastic viewing card from a cable box (credit card size plastic) it was tough enough to get under the edge without damage to the top case

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Did it yesterday. I used a old very thin spatula (not for the first time for this job). 2l hot water in a tub where you can fit the top case in (just big enough for the case so that water will be cover the entire top (in and outside)).

Put the top case in the tube (jewel facing down) and poor the water in. Wait for ~ 10 -15 min. The grab a rag, place it on top of the case to protect it from scratches and then gently work your way with the spatula (or something other stable but very thin) under the jewel. Take your time on this. You feel and hear how the glue "rip" off. Do not use any force.

I have also tried the freezer but endet up with a broken top case. :(


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I'm also using the heat & pry method. Never used the freezer, it sounds feasible and straight forward, but unfortunately there's no space in my freezer to try :(

A few things I have learned along the way, just to save others from ending up with a ruined case or jewel:

1. Take your time when heating the case, and heat both sides of the case. (The hot water method mentioned above sounds great - I'll give it a try 😛 )I try to heat the case mostly at the back side to avoid heating the jewel too much: remember your goal is to soften the glue, not the jewel. Touch the plastic from time to time and do not allow it to get too hot. Keep in mind that heat will need some time to penetrate and soften the glue. Be patient.

2. Use a thin and soft metal tool to get underneeth the jewel. As you can see in the picture attached, what works for me is a small spade which is very thin and flexible. The angle and the grip it has gives me extra movement and force control, while providing excellent feedback. I have not tried the fishing line method so I can't compare, but I have tried the phone prying tools and I'm not a huge fan. I do not like them because they are not flexible enough for this particular task, and you risk to put too much upward force which will result in breaking the jewel and/ or mark the case. Fixing a mark on the case is not a big problem, especially if you're going to paint it, but fixing a broken jewel is way harder if not impossible.

3. The jewel is much more fragile than you may think. I am not sure if it gets worse when it's hot or cold, but in any case, take extra care when you're handling it after it is removed. Any damage I have done on a jewel, was done after it was removed!! the "small" crack you see on the jewel in the attached picture was done seconds after I removed it from the case, and the worst part is that I did not realise how I did it!! In this case I do not really care, because it is going to get painted over, but imagine if I needed this for a "clear" mod!!

If you take your time to gently heat the case, use very gentle movements and not push too hard, you'll be fine.


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