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Flash Duox2 Lite


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I just got an 1.6 Xbox with a DuoX2 Lite modchip.

Can someone tell me how i can identify the bios flashed to the chip?

And can i flash any bios to the chip with Hexen 2017?

I bought the Xbox 10 yrs ago, so i am wondered if there would be any advantages for updating the bios to a newer one than the one thats on there now?



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9 minutes ago, Hnrix said:

In the Hexen Flash menu it says Unknown. Could you tell me if my installed games disappears if i flash the bios and format the c: drive to install unleash x dash?


i wont advise you do anything until we dissect this a little further. at work. will follow-up if noone has later on. 

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Ok. I wont do anything for now.

I am newb to xbox modding, so i only want to flash and reinstall to learn something. But the only thing i figured out for myself is that i have a duox2 lite chip installed :P

Thank you for your help wikati.

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The BIOS is unknown as there's NO MD5 hash in the config file to ID it (one has to know which BIOS they were working with and keep track of the MD5 hash and add it after making changes to the official BIOS release).  But, as the Kernel is 1.00.5838.01 then it's an M8plus BIOS [update: or M8] (or stock MS BIOS - but as it's running unsigned code can't be so M8plus it must be).  The latest BIOS available for a v1.6 Xbox.  There have not been any newer BIOS releases.

Evox M8plus based on MS 5838 Kernel.  They should have changed the version number a bit but no. 

Update: May be Evox M8 as it too is based on MS kernel 5838.

Only other BIOS that will work on a v1.6 is the X2 5035 16 version (512KB in size). If the Duox2 Lite has a 512k Bank you could try it. It's configuration is read from a file e:\x2config.ini.  Edit the file and you can change flubber and logo colors without needing to reflash the BIOS.

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so if you're gonna use m8plus (easiest way to get started with your next step)
installing unleash x,
im assuming you dont have an absolute requirement to format C?

I recently changed dash boards and this is what i did
figure out which shortcut on C is booting the dash.
i actually made a mistake on my first shortcut and used hexen to get the ftp back so i could swap back the good shortcut

XBE MAKER http://www.theisozone.com/downloads/xbox/tools/xbe-shortcut-maker/
i put my unleashx folder in root of E: (just a preference)
then I......
Target Path: your path would be "E:\unleashx\default.xbe

then touch nothing else. if you change other stuff it doesnt work. i dont know why, this program may be outdated.... I DONT KNOW
save the XBE file as the same name as the shortcut in C: thats booting your current dash.....

(reccomended you back up the original shortcut in C: before doing this next step.... just copy your whole C: to a safe spot)

So, for instance. my last one was named evoxdash.xbe
i renamed the new shortcut built with shortcut maker evoxdash.xbe and ftp'd it to the xbox replacing the old one in C:...

the way i understand it is; once you've told the shortcut what to point to (the executable file of unleashx)
then it is able to show the xbox on boot which executable to boot

the old one was pointing to your old dash, and the new one points to unleashx

just be careful about backing things up and dont panic if you make a mistake.
with the chip and the hexen disc you are usually in good shape.


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No need to format C:\ to install UnleashX dashboard.

What size is the evoxdash.xbe file in C:\?

~64KB it's a short cut as Wikati mentioned above.

>1MB it's the actual Evox dashboard executable.

Most modified BIOS's have a boot order for the dashboards they try to run at startup.

Evox M8plus official release boot order:

1. evoxdash.xbe
2. avaDash.xbe
3. nexGen.xbe

If the first doesn't exist the next is tried, IIRC if all fail, xboxdash.xbe (stock MS dashboard) runs.

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Thanks to the both of you for all your help.

I was lokking at my hdd when i cleaned the xbox earlier today and i dropped it so it died, So i popped in a new (old) 200gb ide drive and did a full hdd rebuild with hexen. Worked perfectly. As for the bios, i came to the conclusion i should not mess with something that is working..

 Again, thank you for your help.

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