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Blaster Ck3 Usb Drivers


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    • By mwmodz
      hey , so ive read threw prob a few hours of your posts, you are the closest link ive been able to find for what im looking for , having crazy troubles with xboxhdm 23 b3, i dont want to use usb , i have an adapter for sata to ide for inside the xbox , i need to access the sata hdd with xboxhdm without the adapter IE from the internal sata port ,i have read you and a few others referance these modded bat files , ive tried editing them to my spec which was PHYSDRV0 and it still doesnt se the hdd, i dont even want to copy like this just need it to format to the xbox file system , help plz heres a link to my dc if you have a min to chat https://discord.gg/DDeTT8Uz , if not ill just try to keep an eye on here , thanks in advance 
    • By micielk
      I'd like to make some 720p patches for my PAL games but I cannot copy files from Xbox to USB, I dont see operation copy in file managers (Xbmc, Dvd2copy etc.). In the other hand I can copy FROM Usb TO Xbox, any help, please?
    • By Swirlygiver
      I’ve seen a number of YouTube videos of people showing off their Xbox mods.  Several of them had replaced one or more game pad ports with USB ports.  Is there a way to read and write to a USB port from the dashboard file managers?  And is the USB 1.1 or 2.0?

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