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    • By Swirlygiver
      I’ve seen a number of YouTube videos of people showing off their Xbox mods.  Several of them had replaced one or more game pad ports with USB ports.  Is there a way to read and write to a USB port from the dashboard file managers?  And is the USB 1.1 or 2.0?
    • By GaryGood
      The kids broke the connectors inside the front USB ports on my Falcon.  Does anyone know where I can order replacement parts?  I know it has to be soldered to the motherboard; I'm pretty handy with a desolderer.  :-)  Searched Digikey without success.  The USB ports are the rectangular silver box in the front right corner of this photo.  Much obliged.Please login or register to see this attachment.
    • By PhilR
      Not sure if this is being posted in the right place.  I just began my first modified xbox project.  I made a controller port to USB adaptor.  I tested that it works by attaching a usb controller (I modified an xbox controller to use on pc last month).  I want to use the adaptor to be able to connect a wireless keyboard/mouse, but i cannot for a lot of information regarding this.   Are there settings I need to modify somewhere, or is there not a lot of success with wireless?  The keyboard/mouse combo is the Logitech Wave Combo.  I flashed the Winbond TSOP with EvoX M8 from the HeXEn 2018 disc.  If anyone can help and needs more information, please let me know.

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