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    • By nucclearffiestas
      I just read in Huang's "Hacking the Xbox" a warning that the fanless heatsinks are prone to overheating if operated without the disk drives installed over the motherboard. I was just about to replace my 1.0 GPU heatsink (with the fan) with the later, fanless, one with the idea that I'd reduce the noise. But now I'm having second thoughts, as I will not be replacing the disk drives over the motherboard.
      Can anyone offer me some sage advice on whether or not i should keep the 1.0 heatsink?
      I may end up shaving ~1" off the top for a slim build. Would this eliminate the potential risk of overheating?

    • By TriniGamerENT
      I used the evox_m8+67-NO-DVD.bin bios to flash my xbox and now when I boot there's a blank
      screen and the dvd drive light is orange. What to do to fix that? I have a version 1.0 xbox.
      Thank for any assistance.
    • By dbthundercat
      Hi Everyone, 
      I picked up another XBOX on eBay that was really clean never been opened. It has a strange issue though, if you power on it will take about 1-2 minutes to boot to the dashboard. 
      If you power on and open the disc tray during the start-up animation it will boot straight away. 
      I opened the XBOX and the clock capacitor had leaked so that got removed and 3 more capacitors had popped so they got replaced today. The motherboard has been completely cleaned. 
      The disc drive works fine once powered up and games run no problem. 
      Anyone had this issue? Is the disc drive on its way out? 
      Thanks in advance

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