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    • By TEK Nemesis
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      Hello fellow Xbox enthusiasts!  I had some spare time this week and thought I'd pump out some PCBs to assist with the internal OGX360 installation that uses RELAYS.  (The ogx360 was designed by Ryan Wendland and it allows you to use modern wireless controllers with the original Xbox.  It's something that I really can't live without these days.  lol.)
      You can certainly install the ogx360 without relays.  In fact, Ryan designed a very nice (and tiny) USB Breakout Board for them and I've got all the custom cables for it. 
      But, every once in a while I get a customer who would prefer to use relays for their internal ogx360 installation.  (When you use a relay, a wired controller will automatically disconnect the ogx360.  You unplug the controller and then it switches back to the ogx360.  It's pretty neat and really good if you have kids or are frequently switching between a wired and wireless controller.) 
      Tony Kuberka broke ground on using the relays and he made some really nice diagrams.  The diagrams are great but are a little intimidating for the average modder because there are lots of wires to splice and you can really mess things up if you don't know what you're doing. 
      Though I certainly don't mind splicing and wiring up things inside my Xboxes, I thought I'd make it easier for people to take advantage of the internal ogx360 installation using relays.  I designed two different versions.  The first uses only one PCB and the second uses two PCBs.  You can checkout my Facebook page for the pictures. 
      Once I receive the PCBs from the manufacturer and I've tested everything then I'll make another post. 
      If you've wired up your own ogx360 with relays, I'd love to hear about it here.  Cheers!
        @Ryzee119 @Anarchy42085
    • By NRK
      tried to install the aladdin xt plus2 on my 1.6 and ... last connection i had to make didnt go well ... i feel bad
      the point didnt want to tin, ended up destroying the point and traces around it
      is there anyway can i fix this mess ? 
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      Please login or register to see this link.
      (its my first time soldering dont be too mean on me lol) 
      thanks for future inputs
    • By sayon
      Good morning guys,
      i bought a ryzee119 OpenXenium chip and installed it on my xbox 1.4.
      Everything perfect ... I bought the spi2par2019 kit and the LCD display and after I installed it it has the problem that it marks the degrees with the abbreviation aC and not as it should (° C).
      Has it happened to any of you?
      Do you have a solution?
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