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    • By Y-Stylzz

      I have used the official component cable for my original Xbox for years without any issues, until now. This is what happens:
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      This only seems to happen on menu's. No problems in-game so far.

      At first, I thought the cable was damaged, so I bought a Kaico HDMI adapter to replace it, but this is what happens when I use it:
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      I decided to grab my older Xbox from the attic for testing and both cables work perfectly on that console, so I think the cables are not the issue.

      I'm no expert at all, so can somebody tell me what's going on with my console? Can it be fixed?
    • By Fredrito
      I recently tried to softmod my old xbox and bricked the hdd due to not ejecting the game disc in the end of the installation process. Now the dashboard is gone and I can't even boot retail games using the machine.
      I just bought an xbox with a modchip (xecuter 2) and I'm wondering if I could swap the hdd in the modded xbox with the bricked xbox and install the ms dashboard from a disc.
    • By bulkchart32
      i like to play halo 2 on xlink kai but my vizio 4k tv just makes it not fun. i have adjusted all the settings in the menu to give minimum latency but it's still there. someone pointed out that part of the latency is caused by the fact that the xbox is sending an analog signal to the tv and the tv has to convert it to digital before it can put it to the screen(i know there is inherit input lag in a va panel led tv but that's not what i'm talking about right now). i said all that to ask this question, would one of the hdmi mods for the xbox help solve some of that latency problem by sending a digital signal to the tv? my current setup is using the microsoft hd component adapter and component cables. the tv is a px75-g1. btw, i know it's best to play on a crt but that is difficult right now for several reasons.

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