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    • By LudoVicThor
      i will get a crystal for my birthday and i'm counting on hardmodding it but i already got a xecuter2 on one of my xbox should i juste change the case ?
    • By fallen1
      Would like to swap my current original black case that has few stripped threads + fan cut mods from previous owner.
      Looking for a visually OK case or dead unit in EU to hold my v1.1 board
    • By excaliburlives
      First, i would like to thank Rocky5 for giving me a reason to break this xbox out again! 
        I just finished setting up a 1TB drive and was going to drop it inside the xbox until i realized i need a 2TB drive before i do that. Before i do that i would like to take care  of a few things. Here are some of the things i will be needing help on. 
      Which drive is better, WD Blue or Black? Which Bios should i be using now? Which version mobo should i use?    I haven't touched this xbox in 10 years. I'm a little rusty. I totally forgot how to flash this thing. I have 5 other regular xbox's here and want to rebuild the perfect unit in 1 shot while i have the chance. I'll pick the best version board that's recommended and swap all the parts over. Then i plan to flash all the bios banks that i can with the recommended ones. Once all that is done i want to drop in that 2TB WD black or blue drive. 
         Can i get any advice? I've been out of circulation for awhile but i've got the old bug back! Thanks guys
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