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On 7/16/2020 at 3:54 AM, SS_Dave said:

This is as simple as I can make it


Unzip and FTP to you apps directory on the E drive or F drive or G: drive

You can also FTP your prefered BIOS to the bios folder  eg E:raincoat\bios

Reboot the xbox and now look for a app called RemoteX

Press A on the Flash bios using raincoat

I know it's been almost 5 months since I last posted here. I've had a lot on my plate so the Xbox went on the backburner. Is there any chance you can reupload this link again? I've had more free time up and I want to finally finish my Xbox

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15 hours ago, BaconWizard17 said:


I know it's been almost 5 months since I last posted here. I've had a lot on my plate so the Xbox went on the backburner. Is there any chance you can reupload this link again? I've had more free time up and I want to finally finish my Xbox

Here you go




SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.

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6 hours ago, BaconWizard17 said:

Well, it looks like I soldered something wrong because it's saying the chip isn't writeable. I gave it my best shot but I think I'm just going to throw in the towel and buy a modded one instead of tooling around with this forever

Don't give up. I Never done any TSOP my self either until few weeks ago. I read lot of tutorials. Looked pretty simple and straight forward from pics  I saw in the tutorials. I my self lifted a trace with a cheap soldering Iron and those points are so tiny, ended up using an alternative spot. So I bought a lit up magnifier and heat adjustable soldering Iron. My First TSOP I did was Sharp which I think is the hardest to do  few weeks ago and I struggled for days to get it done. Use a magnifier to look at your soldering.  Lots of valuable info on this site and Members are so helpful if you have questions. 

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Yes pics of the TSOP and your soldering if possible.

If it is a v1.1 then you need to have soldered the R7D3 points on the top of the MB and the R7R3 on the underside. If it is a ST TSOP then that's all that should be necessary. Install BIOSChecker as an app and if the points are correctly soldered using that it should report as a Retail BIOS of some sort but with (TSOP?). If it doesn't then the points are not correctly soldered/bridged.

Being a v1.1 the TSOP is 1MB in size (although apparently you can split it) so find your 1MB BIOS of choice (EvoXM8+ 67 as often suggest/provided by SS_Dave recommended for noobs). But make sure it is a v1.1 - if you're using a pre v584 UnleashX it may report v1.2 - v1.6 wrongly as v1.1(0b) depending on the UnleashX dash version. 

I'd suggest just install an EvoX dash as an app to use as you flashing tool if it is a ST TSOP. It is is really simple to use. You just put the 1MB BIOS in the EvoX Bios folder and when you launch the BIOS Flash menu you should see that BIOS listed. Select it and the EvoX flashing tool should do its thing very quickly.



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Thanks for offering to help everyone. I did solder at those points, but I don't think I successfully bridged the connections. I borrowed a soldering iron when I did this, and it was way too hot and basically just vaporized the solder. I'm not really interested in buying my own right now. I'm sure with the right effort I could do it, but I've been trying this for a bit too long. I just want to be able to actually start playing my Xbox instead of tooling around with it for weeks on end. I do very greatly appreciate all the help everyone has given me through this process. Maybe someday if I want to do this again, I'll try my hand at it, but for now I think I've done all I can. 

As a side note, I'll be selling the Xbox that I've been working on, as well as the hard drives and other things that I got for it if anyone has any interest in that. The console still works and is softmodded and everything, I just couldn't get the hard drive swap worked out. 

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Soldering in general is much easier when you have the right tools. If you're stuck using a cheap soldering iron, it can be quite a bit more difficult so I don't blame you. An alternative to soldering the TSOP points is to use a conductive-ink pen. It's basically a pen with ink that conducts electricity. Instead of soldering, you would just "write" a bit of ink across the two sets of points and then flash your BIOS. It won't last forever, but it will last long enough to flash a new BIOS. You can get these pens for like $10-$20 online. Here's an example: https://www.ebay.com/itm/284097041261

As others have said, you don't need to burn a disc with Hexen on it. Hexen is basically just a collection of useful apps. Burning a disc works, but alternatively you can just copy the one app you need over to your Xbox (the bios flasher app). I personally use XBlast to flash my Xboxes (click here to download). EvolutionX also works (though I've had minor issues with it in the past).

P.s. Xboxes can be kind of picky with what kinds of burned discs they will read depending on which DVD drive you have. Just something to be aware of. Here's a table showing which kinds of discs can be read by which Xbox DVD drives: https://i.imgur.com/1wq8yzP.png

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