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1.4 Bios Version

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I would go with the IND 5004.67.bin 256kb


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It will work with a 2tb hard drive and with some tweaks it's reasonably quick booting

A Xbox I am putting together at the moment has a 500 gig sata drive IND 5004.67 BIOS and loads the XBMC4Gamers in 24 seconds from hitting the power button to ready to select you game.

It is also reasonably easy to set the prefered dash to boot to via a config file on the C drive



SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It get's the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.

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I'm an Evox M8+ 'fan'.  Been using a chipped Xbox with 'customised' Evox M8+ since 2005/6. No problems with any any HDD I've used 120GB IDE, I60GB IDE, I60GB SATA and currently 320GB SATA. For A short time I used a 500GB SATA but decided it was too good to 'waste' on a Xbox.  

Never used it with anything bigger let alone a 2TB. I assume it does support 2TB but TBH, like the 500GB SATA, if I had a decent 2TB SATA HDD it would not be going in any of my Xboxes.

I have 70GB of free space on my 320GB HDD despite the fact it has 25+ apps/dashboards, 35+ installed Xbox games, large emulator collection + ROMs, big Homebrew games collection, my entire CD music collection, skins for all dashboards, backups, old version archives for many apps, previews, artwork, icons sets, theme sets etc. I do not know what people fill 2TB HDDs with on a PC let alone a Xbox.     

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The main reason I use the IND 5004-67 or the X2-5035-67 is both support 128 meg ramnad the Evox is 64meg only

There is a Evox M8 version that supports a 2tb hard drive.



SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It get's the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.


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  • Similar Content

    • By HDShadow
      Really just double checking I've done everything correctly before going ahead with the flash on an Aladdin XT Plus2 in a v1.2/1.3 Xbox.

      It is an edited version of TruHeXEn's evox.m8plus.f.c.137.nodvd.bin.
      Changed the Xbox logo etc to match the Aladdin red chip theme, might modify this later if it doesn't look good. Also thinking about designing and importing another EvoX logo - details on how to do that are included wit the EVTool but if anyone has any additional information on this please share.
      Major changes are the boot priority:  C:\evoxdash.xbe is default but I've changed the other two as the other HeXEn ones used are not applicable. The C:\default.xbe is UnleashX v584 whereas my main dash is UnleashX v572. I wondered if that was sensible. If the C:\config.xml they'll both use was corrupted neither would work but I'm not keen about using a different location ie. F:\ as I tend to copy/delete more stuff on that than anywhere else.
      Other significant change is the partitioning allocation. I don't envisage using any HDD bigger than 500GB and TBH I do not see the point of using a G:\ drive until it is actually required whatever the HDD size. So it made sense to change that to Partition 6 takes the rest of the drive instead.
      Size is 256KB and nothing apart from the above has been changed.
      I intend to use a dedicated EvoX v3935 dash for the flash rather than HeXEn simply because I do not want my dashboard messed around again as happened with the same unmodified BIOS TSOP flash I did on another Xbox.
      Any general comments, obvious mistakes, problems? 
    • By Amarnl
      I have a crystal xbox with a aladin Live chip. i modded it very long time ago now i want to give it to my kid and updated everything then flashed the bios before i know it it wont start up anymore.  i have eeprom and the hd is 250gb.
      I have no old computer to prepare a new hd.
      I have a other modded xbox with a aladin xt (not plus) but i dont know the what diffrent.

      I have 4 xboxes 2 without working DVD drives, i bought them when they came out. (Softmodded)
      Can i prepare a new hd in a other xbox.
      i was trying to put bios chip from one modchip to another that did not work , dont know why bothe had evo x on them before.
      Crystal xbox i try to repair is my first xbox so i really want to fix it. i have a backup of all the files on de hdd.

      Please anybody have option to fix this. i live in the netherlands.

    • By Xernor88
      Equipment Softmodded 1.4 XBOX, clock capacitor removed, EEPROM snagged
      Hello everyone this my first post!
      I have gotten my hands on a FRAG 1.4 XBOX, now where this unit differs from any of the traditional FRAG symptoms  Is that if you leave the system unplugged over night you are guaranteed to get video and audio on the first startup,  Sometimes it successfully boots into the softmod and freezes after 10-120 seconds once you reboot it refuses to go beyond the FRAG loop( i have even successfully booted a original game from the softmod menu froze after a while),  on other occasions  it hangs during the start up animation and you get awful audio static, reboot the system and you are stuck in the FRAG loop for the day. Anyone ever  encountered a unit with these symptoms? I'm thinking this unit might not be fubar, I changed the cooling paste on the GPU and CPU didn't do anything.  Just asking around before I go shotgunning and randomly replacing capacitors, any specific ones which tend to go bad?

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