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No Ms Dashboard On UnleashX Version 39? How Do I Get It?


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hi! so i used to have another xbox that had a different unleash x dashboard. it had things in a different order and could go to the old MS dashboard. but my new xbox does not have that. i have looked in my files but dont see any xboxdash.xbe. is there a file i can download and ftp to get that to work? also if thats not how it works do i need to find the unleash x dashbaord 37 file? if thats the case i cant find the file anywhere. let me know if you have a fix ty!

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When you install a softmod the C:\xboxdash.xbe name is usually re-tasked for other purposes. Don't understand why but it just is, I'm sure someone else here will explain. However that does not mean you don't have a MS dash on C:\.

Again it depends on the softmod but with SID the MS dash is C:\xb1dash.xbe in older SID and I think AID it is msdash.xbe. Rocky5's XBSMT does things differently so if you're using that it doesn't apply.

Let assume it is SID or something similar: when you or who ever installed the new Unleash dash it probably included an existing config.xml and, I'm guessing from what you've said, you've looked at that and the msdashboard path is shown as C:\xboxdash.xbe.

That is not your MS dash post softmod. It would still be if it was a hardmod and because of that the config.xml generated by UnleashX has to use a default path and that is set up to be C:\xboxdash.xbe.

So all you need to is use the Unleash file manager and look for another XBE on the root of the C:\drive. If there is nothing there post a pic of what is. But assuming there is another XBE apart from the xboxdash.xbe copy it to a temporary folder, rename it default.xbe, and click to see what loads. If its the MS dash you'll have probably guessed what to do: edit the path in config.xml to that.

I'd edit a copy of the config.xml first and test that it works on a testbed  UnleashX dash XBE installed as a app but if you want to take a risk you can just substitute in the edited version.

Voila on next boot the UnleashX menu MS Dash option should work.


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That is a very skimpy C:\drive. Not seen one like that at all. It is just an UnleashX dash set up on the C:\drive - some very old softmods did that I believe. Do you happen to know how it was softmod?

Just to be safe can you post a pic of your E:\drive content too.

What does the config.xml show as the MSDashBoard path: there are usually two entries; one at the top under Settings and the other as a separate Item Action entry usually right down near the bottom, typically like this:-



<Item Action="C:\xboxdash.xbe">MS Dashboard</Item>

  BTW and FYI UnleashX is blind to whether the letters are lower or upper case.

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here is my e folder. and also idk what softmod it used, just know its unleashX. FYI looked in config folder and did not find either of the paths you typed. (edit) idk if this helps but on my screen when afk it says Xbox softmodding tool.


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The E:\ drive is typical but with the one unusual thing - no XBE. That means your main dash must be booting from that C:\default.xbe.

You have a F:\ drive which means the HDD was replaced at some point. If the case was opened that could mean it was TSOPed or chipped so we need to be certain exactly what we're dealing with. The reason being that if you put anything else on C:\ that might take boot priority away from the default.xbe and all it would boot to would be the MS dash. You do not want that, particularly if it is a softmod.

If you could copy and post the config.xml it might help too. Use the <> Code to do that so we can see it exactly as it is. 





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