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Where Can I Find Replacement Screws for the Old Thompson Drives?


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According to a Thomson disc drive disassembly guide I've just found the top housing is held by two #1 Philips head screws.


That appears to mean they are either M2.5 or M3 thread but what length, no idea. I'd bet on them being flat head M3 which are commonly supplied for mounting motherboards and HDDs so you might have some already.

Possibly they're not M3 but an equivalent UNC 4-40 or 6-32 or UNF 4-40 or 6-40.

If you try the typically T15 head screws used to secure the Xbox HDD in the caddy and they fit then they're M3 so just buy a 10 pack same size as those if you do not have any spares but with Philips head.

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