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Aladdin Xt Install Questions 1.6


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Hey guys,

Due to the current situation in the world I have decided to finally install my mod chip. I do have a few questions regarding the install. I have read many guides and watched several videos on how to install these chip(aladdin xt plus2) and I rather not cut the trace on the motherboard. I found this video and I do like the idea of having the chip not light up while the xbox is off and not cutting the trace, Now that being said I know the internet is filled with people who find ways to do things differently but are not the right way to do them(I am not bad mouthing this gentleman) . Now my questions are

1- will installing the chip this way damage my xbox(short/Long term)

2-Is there any guides that you know of that are better(please link if possible)

3-is it possible to have the chip setup/installs so I can still boot into ms dash.(I read it is possible to set it up so a long power press will start the chip)

I do not plan to use a lpc rebuild, I can just do it with wire. 

Thanks in advance 



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Fitting a mod chip is not going to harm you Xbox.

Do you know what version Xbox you have as the version 1.6 is a little bit harder as you need to add some links for the mod chip to work and all the other versions it's a relative simple install and with the version 1.0-1.5 you don't need a mod chip as the TSOP chip can be reflashed to do the same as a chip.

If you not sure on the version post a pic of the main board.

You can still access the MS dash with the modchip enabled and the only reason for switching the mod chip off was for Xbox Live.

I don't use the LPC rebuild boards in the version 1.6 like in the video I run short links and I find it just as quick as fitting the rebuild board.


The yellow arrow is the D0 point on a version 1.6

The LED lighting up is only for the version 1.6 and I mod the Aladdin modchip so it switches of  with the Xbox


The yellow line is a cut and the 2 green lines are links

The link on the BT is to make the chip always active and the other link is to switch the LED on/off with the power.



SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.



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I can't remember if its a 1.6 or 1.6b. Ive had it opened before when I was looking at the clock cap and changing the thermal paste(over a year ago). I actually did a tsop flash last week to a 1.0 I have(found it at a electronics surplus. Needed a few caps replaced). So what are your thoughts on cutting the trace? I know some people are real sticklers for cutting it. Thanks for your input. Thats actually amazing. 

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I normally cut the Lframe trace unless I am fitting as Xenium or Open Xenium as both chips only ground the D0/Lframe while booting the the chip allows the D0/Lframe to float (be whatever it wants).  I am not saying that my method is the only way or the correct way it's just how i do it and I have some version 1.6 Xbox's that I have got to refurb oneday with the D0 is grounded and they are still working.




SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.

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