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Troubles, Hard, Soft, Or Install Process Issues.

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Here is a little look at what im doing...

Crusty old box from classifieds ended up being 1.6 with alot of nasty dirty components.
Softmod and broken dvd drive (wont spin up or read a disc), stock hdd.

while surfing around late on ebay i found clean well conditioned board and hdd (1.6 on both accounts) so it was purchased and installed. (didn't need to do that)
Lightly cleaned everything with soft brush and compressed air

installed dvd drive from another box id picked up
Used hexen LXHDM after cloning stock drive to 500GB using chimp,

Once i found this site i downloaded a few things and installed XBMC4Gamers

Looking at slimming the box (potentially) i prepped myself by removing dvd board from drive.

Also taking the "motor control board" to simulate the drive being closed by taping the switch shut.

****when i took the board out i accudentally broke the motor side of the board off****** very upset about that (these drives arent that cheap)

so, installing the board i eventually got the xbox to boot after seeing an error 12 and an error 13... it was like i fiddled around a bit and it started working (strange)

now, all that is logically left is the case mod. this is where my problems begin to develop please stay with me.

installed my emulators (all working) installed game collection (all working) (large ftp xfers)

all ready to go, i find a nifty way of mounting the board to the dvd cradle and look at how im going to get this drive in here.... i go to boot,


i tried all i could think of... NOTHING.


in a bout of frustration i started from scratch... such a rookie move, so much data lost.

clone drive etc, i have all of it working smoothly again.

so, last thing i need to figure out this dvd board, i install the board. ERROR 13.. why would i rebuild my catalogue before getting this thing working??  so dumb.

now, i reinstall the drive from other xbox, error 13.... oh boy... few more error 13 then get it to boot... now xbmc4gamers wont load my profile... it just keeps reloading manage profile!!!

so i had a kernel error and a partial recovery
I RUN TO MY PC and check the ftp works, reinstall XBMC4GAMERS and by golly she is back in business...

What i should have done before writing the post but maybe only occurred to me WHILE writing the post is that maybe if i install the board while xbmc is running and reinstall it xbmc at the same time a fresh boot would help?
is there some sort of write to the HDD 'about' the current dvd drive? or did the break on the board i made cause this? (i had this board working fine in my first build before tearing down and rebuilding the software)


im also attaching a photo of that broken pcb my insolence caused




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tried the same dvd pcb again. its giving error 13.

replaced dvd drive again

the box easily booted to games list in xbmc this time after one failed boot.
i wonder what changed when i attempted to install it "permanently" before slimming the case.

how can a drive cause a kernel error?

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error 13 has nothing to do with the DVD drive but the dashboard loading from the HDD not starting properly/failing and issuing this error.

From Please login or register to see this link. :



13 - kernel - Dashboard launch fail

(due to missing/bad key, or anything else that would prevent it from running) and the dashboard didn't specify why it failed.

The error it gives is because of the incompatibility between the (older) dashboard (4920) that older slayer cd installs and the new dashboard/kernel versions found in some new xbox's and found in xbox's that have been connected to xbox live (when you go on xbox-live, it'll upgrade your dashboard file to i believe it is now 5659.03 [author's note: latest is 5960.01].. This dasboard is incompatible with the dash that (old) slayer cd installs (for example 2.5 or lower) for you.

(In detail, in the eeprom chip there is a kernel which is incompatible with the dashboard (4920) that slayer installs.)

So what do you do to fix it? You can use the dashupdate found on most new xbox games! Be sure to 1st unplug your ethernet cable before you do so!!!

Besides that, just use a good installation disc and all is fine. Use a 2.6 slayer or something similar


Slayer's 2.7 is available and better still HeXEn 2017 install disc with many updated tools/apps..

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Thanks for the response.
This is making me think a little harder about whats really going on.

somehow the dashboard failing to load is somehow connected to this DVD PCB tho, because as soon as i re-install a nice condition drive i get a boot to dash, initially i had error 13 even after the 'good' dvd drive was reinstalled....


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This error should have nothing to do with the DVD drive unless the drive itself is holding the IDE bus and not allowing access to the HDD to load the dashboard. Or the dashboard version on the HDD is too old for the BIOS version.


Reseat all of the IDE connectors: motherboard, DVD and HDD. 

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ok! you did it, insight i needed. swapped IDE, first boot straight to XBMC.

a bad ide cable and a i just kept overlooking it. very cool.

Thank you!!!!!!

Edited by wikati
needs better explination

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