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Who Needs Christmas Lights

Brennyg Davies

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Cheers, sold the 3 blue and silver Xbox plus red and silver recently. Got 3 crystals up on eBay the blue led, red led and colour change led all with matching led controllers. Have recently added lcd temp screens to them.. soldthe flip paint Ps2 with colour change leds and colour matched memory card for £134.

got Xbox on eBay with flip paint, colour change leds, lcd, twin Perspex windows on top, been offered £120 with leads controller , 250 drive fully loaded lol. Need room 

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    • By sinclairuser
      just testing an old xbox, what does a solid orange light mean?
    • By snoWoman
      Save big on PureVPN with our Christmas VPN deal. Avail the 5-Year subscription at a massive 88% OFF, and pay only $1.32 per month (or $79) for one of the best VPNs around. You won't find a better VPN deal anywhere else this Christmas.

    • By hastings298
      I was given a 1.6 for free, soft modded it no problem - tried to put a shortcut in C to tell it to boot into XBMC4Gamers which I had installed in E: and something went wrong. Wouldn't boot into XBMC or the dashboard any more. No problem I think, I'll connected to FATXplorer on my PC. No dice - the drive is locked.
      So I boot up the xbox and try to hotswap it to a IDE/USB adapter to try and fix the bad dashboard, manage to get xboxhdm23usb to detect it, but it still said it was locked.
      Assumed i hadn't been quick enough with the hotswap.
      Try again and end up damaging one of the HDD pins (thank you whoever made this shitty adapter for putting it in a plastic housing and making it impossible to insert drives quickly).
      So now the xbox won't boot, the drive is locked, as well as damaged.
      Easier to just harvest it for spares now? It's a shame as it's a really clean 1.6 (that was the other thing, the next step would've been to TSOP it and boot into Hexen, but I haven't got a chip lying around and wouldn't trust my soldering skills anyway).
      Any thoughts on fixing this?
      P.S I tried to use Halo 2 to update the dashboard and fix it but it was already on the latest dashboard so it didn't work.

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