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Amd Duox2 Modded XBox Malfunction


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Hello everybody, I have a problem with my old xbox with amd duox2 modchip.. i would be happy if anyone could help..

(sorry my english, i'm not a native speaker)


I stopped using this xbox years ago because the DVD tray open and close casually, with no input from me (-> MAIN PROBLEM).

Yesterday I decided to fix it: since every weld looked ok but the motherboard was very dusty, I tried to clean it up gently with compressed air and remove welding dirt from motherboard with the help of a cotton stick and alcohol.

BEFORE the cleaning:

- xbox powered up booting customer bios every time i plug it to the power, I could switch off by pushing the eject button;

- xbox powered up with original bios if I switch off (pushing eject button) and then again switch on by pushing the eject button;

- the power on/off button (smaller one) never worked as I can remember;

- DVD tray open and close casually (and continuosly), with no input from me, with both bios.

AFTER the cleaning:

- xbox no more power up when I plug it to the power (no blinking led light on the modchip);

- xbox powered up with original bios if I switch on by pushing the eject button;

- xbox power on/off button (smaller one) still doesn't work;

- DVD tray still open and close casually (and continuosly), with no input from me.

Since I didn't mod the xbox by myself at the time, I looked some tutorial but I didn't find anyone using my setup. I don't know why I have BT point welded to the front panel..

When the xbox was modded everything worked fine for a while, then I remember I got some problems and a friend did something at the weld on the motherboard.. I can't remember exactly (>15 years ago). I'm not an expert but it seems to me that there is a bad connection somewhere..

Are there anything I can try to find the problem? Can I simply remove/unweld the modchip and get the xbox work like when it was original?






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