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Hello Junkyarddogmax

Both will give you the option of playing backups of your game disk's or play your games and allow you to upgrade to a larger hard drive .

Also with both softmod and hardmod(mod chip, TSOP flashing) you can install unsigned code like Xbox4games,Coinops and the like.

A hardmod requires the Xbox to be opened and depending on the matherod your using adding links(solder, conductive paint) to the main board to enable the TSOP  flashing or soldering a mod chip to the main board. And in my opinion the hardmod is the best way to go, It offers easy replacement/upgrade of the HDD as the hard drive does not require locking to the main board where the softmod requires the HDD to be locked.

With a unlocked hard drive if the Xbox suffers a major failure you can swap the old drive to a replacement Xbox that has the hardmod and it is like nothing happened and there is at least 1 post a month about my Xbox is dead and I don't have the HDD Key how can I save my games on the HDD, You don't is the answer.

Hard modding is a permanent solution and softmod is a temporary solution as if you accidentally delete the wrong file from your softmodded Xbox HDD the quickest way to recover from that is add a modchip. Do the same with a hard mod it's load your install dvd and repair the drive.




SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It get's the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.

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