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From what I understand, in some aspects yes chips are better but in some aspects they are equal. I have no experience besides internet research myself 

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Hello Junkyarddogmax

Both will give you the option of playing backups of your game disk's or play your games and allow you to upgrade to a larger hard drive .

Also with both softmod and hardmod(mod chip, TSOP flashing) you can install unsigned code like Xbox4games,Coinops and the like.

A hardmod requires the Xbox to be opened and depending on the matherod your using adding links(solder, conductive paint) to the main board to enable the TSOP  flashing or soldering a mod chip to the main board. And in my opinion the hardmod is the best way to go, It offers easy replacement/upgrade of the HDD as the hard drive does not require locking to the main board where the softmod requires the HDD to be locked.

With a unlocked hard drive if the Xbox suffers a major failure you can swap the old drive to a replacement Xbox that has the hardmod and it is like nothing happened and there is at least 1 post a month about my Xbox is dead and I don't have the HDD Key how can I save my games on the HDD, You don't is the answer.

Hard modding is a permanent solution and softmod is a temporary solution as if you accidentally delete the wrong file from your softmodded Xbox HDD the quickest way to recover from that is add a modchip. Do the same with a hard mod it's load your install dvd and repair the drive.




SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It get's the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.

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      I had one softmodded xbox for years that started activing up. The dvd drive went bad last year and 2 of my emulators snesx and the other snes one I have that forget the name to right now wouldn't load so I thought the HD was going bad. A 750GB IDE Seagate. But to my luck a new dvd drive and a new emu fixed my issue so I backed up all my data immediatly and then dropped the external and did it all again a few days later. Anyway The 1.6  xbox for the dvd drive I bought had bad caps. So I replaced them and then the Power supply died on me (Ask me no questions about poof puff bad puff of smoke adventures and bye bye IC chip and I'll tell you no lies) . Anyway then I bought another one for parts to fix that and then went down this road. Addicted to buying xboxs on offer up. Somehow now I have 6 xboxs. But this last one I got was $10 and the HD and DVD worked. Then I found my first hard mod chip inside Smart xxv3 no lcd installed but an IR . All the bios file were dead except the original, But I know nothing about a hard mod so its a whole new adventure. Glad to be here with all of you. 
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      Tried it with 2 sets of component cables and had the same result. It's a 1.6 model and does this with various games, maybe 30 games total I've tried. Sometimes it doesn't do it all for 30min, then it'll flicker constantly for an entire hour. Super frustrating.
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      hello all. 

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