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Recommended Bios for Open XEnium

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Greetings again!

Running XeniumOS 2.3.1, but it turns out no bios are present. I've done some research, but the information is scattered from over 15 years and there are a lot of different opinions on the matter. 

What are the present day recommended bios for open xenium running xenium 2.3.1? Are there any bios/dashboard packages or bundles available? Thanks!

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Your choice of BIOS is really up to you as everyone has their favorite and some will say that the one they use is the only one and the other's are crap.

I use the X2 and the M8 bios and seeing the Open Xenium can have several why not load up some different ones and try for you self.

The M8 can be modified using EVtools and there is XBtools for some of the X2 bios.

The IND bios can also be modified by changing the config file on the Hard Drive



SS Dave

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You're selection of which BIOS to use depends somewhat on which version of Xbox you have.

There's no ind-bios release for 1.6 Xboxes or 256KB in size X2 BIOSes.  For them you have two choices for the latest released xbox modified BIOSes to use with the OpenXenium or any other modchip that supports a 512KB BIOS bank size:

  • X2 5035 16 (requires a 512KB BIOS bank to use - which the OpenXenium supports), or
  • Evox m8plus_16 (256KB Bank size required that every re-flashable modchip supports).

There's a wider selection of BIOSes available for v1.0-1.5 consoles:

256KB BIOSes

  • X2 4983.[06 or 67]
  • X2 4981.[06 or 67]
  • Evox M8plus (LBA48 patch settings 06 or 67 configured with EVTool v1.0.9)
  • iND-BiOS.5003.67 (don't use .06 version or inject a configuration file into the BIOS)
  • iND-BiOS.Beta.Feb-11-05.67 , a.k.a. 5004 (don't use the .06 version or inject a configuration file into the BIOS)


  • X2 5035
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