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Replacement Jewels

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Hey guys and gals! how is it going?

My first attempts at clearing the jewels of my 2 xboxes turned out pretty shitty to be honest.😒

i was wondering if there is a place where i can order replacements. I know you're going to laugh fanatically and point you fingers at me, but hear me out: i'm not talking about original, official jewel-replacements! 😆

rather a place where you can buy the exact size and shape of acrylic glass that the original xbox jewel has. i dont care if it has the "XBOX" letters edged into it, since i could also imagine painting some of them with eddings or other colors, to make some unique "logos".

Has somebody found such a shop? Please let me know!




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The replacement jewels I've found aren't the same domed shape as the originals.  They are cut from a plastic sheet the same size as the opening in the top of the case and engraved/etched with a logo/text and can be attached where the original jewel mounted.

See: https://www.chimericsystems.com/product/custom-xbox-jewels


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