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Finally Finished My First Paintjob

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Hey folks!

Nothing too special here, but I finished refurbishing my og xbox. it's a v1.2 which i bought back in 2002.

here's the work i've done:

- removed clock cap

- replaced 3 caps that went bad

- hard-modded the box and flashed with evox, xbmc is stock dash now

- replaced stock-fan with 80mm bequiet silentwings (and therefore trimmed the hdd- and dvd-tray a little bit)

- installed green controller port-leds

- installed blue and white power- and eject-button leds

- cleared jewel, repainted the silver "xbox" letters with gold paint (turned out shitty though :(and installed a green led-ring on top

- installed a 2TB sata hdd

- painted the entire casing and a controller (s) white

- added some coloured elements (front dvd-tray and middle part)


aaand that's it i think.

i actually did the whole thing to 2 consoles (the other one has the same mods, except for blue accent-colors). i gave the blue one to a good friend of mine for his birthday. i forgot to take pictures of the other box, since i was rushing to get the job done, but if you want, i can take some pics of it as well.


special thanks to ss_dave, since he gave me the inspiration for the color-scheme!


let me know what you think!








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